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UCLA has a rolling admissions policy which means that applications are reviewed as they come in. The earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have of being accepted before classes begin or even getting into one of the most popular majors at UCLA like engineering or business administration (MBA).

The average GPA needed to get accepted into UCLA is 3.7 while the average SAT score is 1260 (out of 2400). This means that if your GPA

UCLA Medical School Acceptance Rate in 2021 | Admission Requirements

is ucla good for political science

UCLA ranking

  • Forbes: 38
  • Niche: 26
  • US News & World Report: 20
  • Wall Street Journal: 25

Where is UCLA located? 

UCLA is located east of Los Angeles in Westwood, CA, ideally nestled between iconic Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Westwood offers UCLA students many opportunities for entertainment, including coffee shops, museums, a diverse range of restaurants, and a historic movie theater that reflects the old-fashioned glamor of Hollywood. 

Living near one of America’s largest cities has many cultural and educational advantages. Students can frequent one of LA’s many famous museums, many of which offer local student discounts. Or they can attend concerts and events held at the stunning Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Students studying the arts, as well as those who enjoy it as a pastime, have no trouble finding inspiration in the LA area.

Not surprisingly, students within UCLA’s Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media take advantage of UCLA’s close proximity to Hollywood by gaining experience in the film and TV industries. But due to the many thriving industries in LA—including fashion, business, real estate, and technology—students from every major have a plethora of internships available to advance their future careers.

UCLA setting

Urban. UCLA is located on a 419-acre campus in a densely populated area. Surprisingly, it is both the second smallest UC campus in size, but the largest in student enrollment. Despite its relatively small space—in comparison to other UC schools—UCLA still boasts a world-class conference center, plentiful student housing, an expansive student fitness center, and multiple sports arenas for its NCAA Division I teams.

Sitting just 5 miles to the Pacific Ocean at the base of the Santa Monica mountains, UCLA students could easily surf in the morning, attend a few classes, then take an evening hike to view the sunset over the ocean. 

ucla political science 6

Because of its unique setting in a highly populated and highly visited area, UCLA’s campus seems to blend into the community rather than remain insulated, which is to the advantage of its students. They uphold UCLA’s mission of service by regularly engaging in and contributing to the surrounding communities, which are diverse both culturally and socioeconomically.

Undergraduate population

31,568 students.

Graduate population 

12,960 students.

UCLA Acceptance Rate

12%. In the 2019 application cycle, 111,322 students applied to UCLA, and 13,720 were admitted. Ultimately, 5,920 new students enrolled at UCLA in 2019.

Cost of attendance per year (i.e., tuition, room, board, and fees)

$32,667 for California residents. $62,421 for non-residents.

Average financial aid award


UC admits largest freshman and transfer classes as UCLA acceptance rate  falls to 14% - Daily Bruin

political science gpa requirements

  • Students accepted to UCLA tend to rank in the top 10-15% of their graduating high school class. 
  • UCLA releases the average weighted GPA of its accepted students, as well as the 25th and 75th percentile statistics, which reveals the competitiveness of the applicant pool and how difficult it is to get into UCLA.
    • UCLA average weighted GPA: 4.39
      • 25th percentile: 4.34
      • 75th percentile: 4.68
    • UCLA average unweighted GPA
      • 25th percentile: 3.92
      • 75th percentile: 4.00
  • Test scores:
    • UCLA average ACT score
      • 25th percentile: 30
      • 75th percentile: 35
    • UCLA average SAT score
      • 25th percentile: 1370
      • 75th percentile: 1540
  • Honors courses completed between grades 10 and 12:
    • California residents
      • 25th percentile: 18 semesters
      • 75th percentile: 26 semesters
    • Out-of-state residents
      • 25th percentile: 23 semesters
      • 75th percentile: 37 semesters
  • California residents: 63%
  • Out-of-state residents: 21%  
  • International students: 17%
  • Financial aid recipients: 52% 
  • First-generation students: 30%
  • Asian American students are the most largely represented ethnic group on UCLA’s campus with 28% of the student body, followed closely by Caucasian students at 27%. Hispanic students make up 22% of the student population.
  • The most popular majors offered at UCLA are (in order): Biology, Political Science, Psychology, Business Economics, Sociology, Psychobiology, Economics, Biochemistry, Computer Science, and English.
UCLA Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class Admission Statistics by Major - Noniwap

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