Universities in Canada for International Students with low tuition fee

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List of tuition free universities in Canada for International Students
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Dominican University College Universities in Canada

Are you an international student looking for a good university in Canada with low tuition fee and you don’t have any idea where to go and you have surfed the web and haven’t gotten anything? Are you a student in search of  the best university to complete your education in Canada and the tuition is low? Are you looking for a Canadian university for international students for masters?  Are you among the set of people that are in search of a university with low tuition. Get ready as we ease your stress today. Visit collegelearners.com today as we offer you everything you need without much stress.

If you can not afford the huge tuition fees to study in places like the united states, United Kingdom and France, you can make up your mind to study in low tuition fee universities in Canada.

In this post, we are going to list some good low tuition universities in Canada with tuition fees ranging from $5000-$10,000 per academic year.


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34 Universities In Canada With Low Tuition Fee For International Students

Dominican University College                      $5,000

Brandon University                                       $6,219

Universite de Saint-Boniface                       $6,420

Canadian Mennonite University                  $7,560

Memorial University of Newfoundland        $8,800

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology   $5000 – $7000

The Kings University College                    $9,920

Athabasca University                               $9,440 – $10,490

Canadian Mennonite University              $7,728 – $7,728

Université de Moncton                            $10,270 – $10,270

Saint Paul University                              $9,836

Universite’ Saint- Anne                         $8,820

Mount Royal University                         $11,121

The University of Winnipeg                  $12,228

Concordia University of Edmonton      $11,680

Finally, keep in mind that the price listed here may change on the school’s website without your consent. You’re advised to check on each of the school’s website regularly.

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