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do universities like iB students

IB stands one up above other qualifications as far as IB league educational institutions are concerned. The acceptance rate is around 15 percent compared to others which are significant by all counts. That implies the superiority of IB worldwide. The reasons for this college readiness positioning are many, and a few are given below.

  • It covers a pretty wide range of subjects and maintains high standards consistently.
  • The college readiness parameters are high.
  • The IB standards exceed the prescribed standards for most of the college admissions.
  • The Colleges insist on few cognitive strategies like critical thinking, intellectual inquisitiveness and interpretation skills. IB provides these adequate if not in excess quality and quality.
  • The IB standard is adequate for college GPAs, the students of IB stream managed to achieve higher GPAs and could graduate at higher rates comparatively.
  • Colleges prefer IB stream students for their improved skills and analytical skill.
  • The IB students who were admitted to college could outshine in at least seven subjects. They earned a better grade in the first college course examination in most of the subjects. In short, the performance of IB students is far superior.
  • IB diploma recipients are getting better credit hours say up to 45 advanced credit hours.
  • As a general policy, most of the leading colleges and universities grant advanced credit for IB certificates and diploma holders.
  • Looking at the College Admission Statistics, there is a remarkable tendency to absorb IB Diploma students:
The IB Scores Needed for the Top Universities in the World - Crimson  Education NZ

What Is the IB?

  • IB is a Geneva-based global standard academic program by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).
  • Out of the four programs catering to students from ages three to 19, but the one the IB Diploma Program (DP), which is a two-year “pre-university” course Students can start for IB Diploma in their second last year of high school. There are over 4,000 IB accredited school, and there are about 4,000 IB accredited schools spread over in 148 countries.

Advantages in taking up the IB?

  • IB Diploma enhances your chances of gaining admission into a top university.
  • This scenario is more prominent in the US and the UK. In the US IB Diploma Program is reigning high in college admissions standard.
  • The IB students show their skill and knowledge during college admission process.
  • Some US-based universities even give credits for your Diploma Program subjects. For example Stanford University, individual award ranking to students who secure higher grades in selected subjects.
  • Your chances of winning scholarships and financial packages are also better if your IB ranking is high.

IB is Tougher Comparatively too

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  • You have to put in more efforts to come out of IN in flying colours. Besides science and maths, you have to acquire knowledge in arts, humanities and two languages.
  • Your extra-curricular activities in sport and community service also carry credits.
  • IB is challenging. The selection committee can judge your calibre easily with the IB score. And in IB, nothing goes to guessing, speculation or chances.
  • Your extent of knowledge is self-explanatory if you are an IB diploma holder.
  • The overall personality of an IB student is ideal for strenuous college work
  • For US Universities 38 is considered a good grade and cut off. The IB score requirements at the University of Oxford are in the range of 38 and 40  with a minimum of six in each HL subject.

Universities That Love IB Students

S.No.InstitutionsIntake of IB diploma holders
1University of Florida82%
2Florida State University92
3Brown University18
4Stanford University15
5Columbia University13
6University of California – Berkeley58
7Harvard University10
8New York University57
9The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor71
10University of Miami72
11Cornell University31
12Duke University28
13University of Pennsylvania24
14Yale University18
15University of Central Florida90

Why do universities in the US love IB students? ‹ EF Academy Blog

Why do universities in the US love IB students?


You might have heard about the IB Diploma, the internationally recognized high school program for students seeking a broad and challenging curriculum. But did you know that IB graduates are 21.4 percent more likely to be admitted into 10 of the most prestigious universities in the US? That includes Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. There’s clearly a reason, so why are IB students such a good fit for universities in America?

University preparation

Universities in the US require applicants to prove they’ve mastered independent study, time management, critical thinking, and research skills. In some traditional high school programs, learning is entirely teacher-led. Students aren’t self-motivated and often struggle to gain acceptance into the top universities.

The IB Diploma is different. It’s geared towards helping students develop the skills needed to prove themselves good applicants and good future undergraduates. For example, a study at the University of Virginia found that the Extended Essay component of the IB Diploma was of great benefit to students. It helped them prepare for undergraduate research and good grades correlated with good undergraduate research projects. Universities in the US know that IB students are likely to excel at university because they’re already equipped with the skills they need to succeed.

Flexibility and choice

Something unique about universities in the US is the focus on flexibility and choice. Students are encouraged to try a range of subjects and have a wide field of interest. Undergraduates borrow papers from other departments, make connections between different ideas, all while learning more about what drives them and what they feel most passionate about.

IB students have a similar experience in high school. They study six subjects and can tailor their schedules to suit their ambitions. There is flexibility so they can try out various courses before deciding which is right for them. They’re also able to complement their classroom learning with personal projects, community work, clubs, sports, and more. As a result, IB students become undergraduates who know how to explore and hone their interests.

Global citizenship

Universities in the US are international communities. They’re committed to educating the youth of today to solve the global challenges of tomorrow. They seek to encourage students to learn from one another, to recognize their common humanity and to reflect on globally significant issues across the curriculum.

The key aim of the IB Diploma is for students to develop an international mindset that will enable them to build a better future. IB students learn to see the world from different cultural perspectives and they study languages that enable them to communicate with peers from different backgrounds. As an internationally recognized qualification, the IB also prepares them for a career anywhere in the world. IB students are global citizens and this makes them an asset to the international academic communities of the US. Perhaps more so than any other reason, it’s this that makes IB students so appealing to universities.

Average IB Scores For US Universities

Top Global University Ranking by IB Requirements

IB or the academic score is one of the most important factor for any university’s admission requirements and carries the highest weight versus other factors like entrance score, extra curricular achievements, leadership and other softer skills etc. Review global universities, colleges sorted by IB requirement.

Grade 9 — Grade 10 Enrichment and International

Middlesex University Mauritius

Mauritius24IB Score2GPA Score55Percent Score

Green River College

United States of America24IB Score2.5GPA Score60Percent Score

Hult International Business School San Francisco

Hult International Business School San Francisco

United States of America24IB Score2.6GPA Score60Percent Score

The City College of New York

The City College of New York

United States of America24IB Score2.8GPA Score60Percent Score

Hult International Business School Shanghai

Hult International Business School Shanghai

China24IB Score3GPA Score60Percent Score

Hult International Business School New York

Hult International Business School New York

United States of America24IB Score2.6GPA Score60Percent Score

Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

Istituto Marangoni Shanghai

China24IB Score2GPA Score55Percent Score

iB universities in europe

The IB organization was originally founded as a response to the lack of flexibility in the different school systems around the world. Today, the IB education system is recognized in more than 100 countries worldwide, and many of the major UK and North American universities are very positive towards prospective students with an IB diploma. In an article featured in The Telegraph, John Claugthon, retiring Chief Master of King Edward’s School, sheds light on some of the reasons why schools all around the world choose to offer the IB Diploma Programme. He points to the breadth of the programme as one of the key motivations: “IB schools believe that the old dispensation to the narrow world of specialization won’t do anymore.”Many universities worldwide follow this line of thought, and an increasing number of them are revising their admissions criteria to attract more IB graduates. Among other examples, Claugthon mentions King’s College, London, and points to the fact that 20 percent of the university’s new undergraduates are IB students. If you are looking for an education that stimulates and challenges you but also requires hard work, then the IB is the perfect place for you.

Study in Europe

With 111,000 new doctorates awarded each year, the European Union produces nearly twice as many doctorates as the USA. IB Schools in Europe, such as the ones in Germany, in Switzerland, inFrance etc…, have long welcomed students from other countries. With its unique combination of a modern and high-quality way of life allied to its rich historical heritage, Europe offers a study experience like no other.

Best IB Schools in Europe

Fees in $: 


  • Learn moreContactMunich International School
    • locationMunich International School, Schloss, 82319 Starnberg, Germany
    Founded in 1966, Munich International School is an independent, non-profit IB World School (IBO) that has been authorised by the IBO since 1980. MIS is…genderCo-Education1200 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 11,534 EURmax feeMax. fee: 23,408 EUR
  • Learn moreContactErmitage International School
    • location46 avenue Eglé, Maisons-Laffitte, 78600, France
    Welcome to Ermitage International School, a diverse, cosmopolitan community with 80 years of excellence in teaching students to engage, prosper, and succeed. Our campus is…genderCo-Education1300 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumFrench Curriculum, IBmin feeMin. fee: 3335 EUR (Day) / 19588 EUR (Boarding)max feeMax. fee: 22830 EUR (Day) / 40990 EUR (Boarding)
  • Learn moreContactThe English School of Kyrenia
    • locationThe English School Of Kyrenia, Bilim Sokak, Beylerbeyi 99320, Cyprus
    The English School of Kyrenia is a leading private school for boys and girls aged 2 to 18, in Cyprus, offering a British-style education in…genderCo-Education900 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 4280 GBPmax feeMax. fee: 8340 GBP
  • Learn moreContactH-FARM International School
    • locationVia Olivetti 1, 31056 Roncade, Italy
    H-FARM International School, located just outside of Venice, Italy, empowers students to be internationally-minded citizens who are able to shape their own future in a…genderCo-Education640 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 9,500 EURmax feeMax. fee: 21,000 EUR
  • Learn moreContactISSH International School of Schaffhausen
    • locationMuehlentalstrasse 280, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
    genderCo-Education250 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 24590 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 54090 CHF (tuition and boarding)
  • Learn moreContactNord Anglia International School Dublin
    • locationSouth County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18, D18 T672, Ireland
    Nord Anglia International School Dublin is a unique international school in Dublin offering a premium and contemporary education for 3-18 year olds. The school opened…genderCo-Education480 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 12,620 EURmax feeMax. fee: 19,444 EUR
  • Learn moreContactLa Côte International School Aubonne
    • locationChemin de Clamogne 8, 1170 Aubonne, Switzerland
    La Côte International School is a private international school based in Aubonne, Switzerland. The modern campus is conveniently located between Lausanne and Geneva, with stunning…genderCo-Education≈ 420 students studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumFrench Curriculum, IB, Swiss Curriculum, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: CHF 26,450max feeMax. fee: CHF 35,850
  • Learn moreContactAmerican Overseas School of Rome
    • locationVia Cassia, 811, 00189 Rome, Italy
    Open Houses – click on the image to register today AOSR is home to an international student body of 575 students with approximately one-third from…genderCo-Education575 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 10,800 EURmax feeMax. fee: 25,700 EUR
  • Learn moreContactInstitut Montana Zugerberg
    • locationSchönfels 5, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
    Institut Montana Zugerberg is a fully accredited Swiss international boarding school for 90 years now and since 1987 an official IB World School. We offer four academic…genderCo-Educational370 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, Swiss Curriculum, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 27’700 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 61’900 CHF
  • Learn moreContactAmerican School of The Hague
    • locationRijksstraatweg 200, 2241 BX Wassenaar, The Netherlands
    More than a School. An Experience. American School of The Hague (ASH) is an international school located in Wassenaar, the Netherlands. In a safe and…genderCo-Education1200 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 14,650 EURmax feeMax. fee: 22,890 EUR
  • Learn moreContactInternational School Altdorf
    • locationSt. Josefsweg 15, 6460 Altdorf, Switzerland
    Situated in the central part of Switzerland in the canton of Uri, International School Altdorf welcomes international students from all over the world. With nature…genderCo-Education100 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 25,000 CHF (Day) / 45,000 CHF (Boarding)max feeMax. fee: 70,000 CHF (Boarding)
  • Learn moreContactSt. Stephen’s School Rome
    • locationVia Aventina, 3, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
    Nestling at the foot of the Aventine, the most exclusive of Rome’s seven hills, and a stone’s throw from the city’s great imperial sites, our…genderCo-Education275 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 24’450 EURmax feeMax. fee: 24’450 EUR
  • Learn moreContactAMADEUS International School Vienna
    • locationBastiengasse 36-38, 1180 Wien, Austria
    AMADEUS International School Vienna is a unique day and first-class boarding IB World school with an integrated Music and Arts Academy. The AMADEUS education is…genderCo-Education450 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: Day: €13,295 Boarding: €46,880max feeMax. fee: Day: €29,905 Boarding: €52,350
  • Learn moreContactENSR International School
    • locationChemin de Rovéréaz 20, 1012 Lausanne, Switzerland
    ENSR International School is a leading, non-for-profit, private educational establishment in Switzerland. A school with over 110 years of experience in equipping students with the…genderCo-EducationOver 500 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, Swiss Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 12200 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 25400 CHF
  • Learn moreContactInternational School of Amsterdam
    • locationSportlaan 45, 1185 TB Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    The International School of Amsterdam is a globally-recognised leader in education for international understanding. Founded in 1964, ISA was the first school in the world…genderCo-Education1252 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 18,775 EURmax feeMax. fee: 26,950 EUR
  • Learn moreContactOBS / Obersee Bilingual School
    • locationEichenstrasse 4C, 8808 Pfäffikon, Switzerland
    Welcome to OBS Empowering children to face the complex challenges of the future. At OBS, we endeavour for our students to approach the world of…genderCo-Educational350 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, Swiss Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 21000 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 23000 CHF
  • Learn moreContactSt. George’s International School
    • locationChemin de Saint-Georges 19, 1815 Clarens/Montreux, Switzerland
    St. George’s is a vibrant and truly international school. We have students from no less than 60 different nations that come together to form a…genderCo-Education400 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, UK Curriculum, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 28’420 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 43’690 CHF
  • Learn moreContactInternational College Spain, Madrid
    • locationCalle Vereda Norte 3, La Moraleja, 28109 Alcobendas Madrid 28109 Spain
    The International College Spain, Madrid is the only school in Madrid to offer the three prestigious IB programmes, providing students with a stimulating academic curriculum…genderCo-educational1050 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: €10,332max feeMax. fee: €21,735
  • Learn moreContactSVIS – Sainte Victoire International School
    • locationDomaine du, Chemin de Maurel, 13710 Fuveau, France
    SVIS – Sainte Victoire International School is an IB World School located near Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. The school offers both the International…genderCo-educational150 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IBmin feeMin. fee: 9,900 EURmax feeMax. fee: 27,800 EUR
  • Learn moreContactLyceum Alpinum Zuoz
    • locationLyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Aguêl 185, 7524 Zuoz, CH
    The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, founded in 1904, is a Swiss international boarding school set in spectacular alpine landscape near St. Moritz, Switzerland. The Lyceum campus…genderCo-Educational200 boarding students, 100 day students studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, Swiss Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 79,500 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 95,000 CHF
  • Learn moreContactInternational Bilingual School of Provence
    • location500 Route de Bouc Bel air, 13080 Luynes, France
    The International Bilingual School of Provence, an independent coeducational school located near Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, owes its international character to the diversity…genderCo-Education950 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, French Curriculum, IB, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 10250 EUR (Day) / 22907 EUR (Boarding)max feeMax. fee: 17100 EUR (Day) / 35855 EUR (Boarding)
  • Learn moreContactÉcole Jeannine Manuel Paris
    • location70 Rue du Théâtre, 75015 Paris, France
    École Jeannine Manuel is a French, bilingual and international K-12 school founded in 1954 with the mission to promote international understanding through the bilingual education…genderCo-Education2400 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumBilingual, French Curriculum, IBmin feeMin. fee: 7100 EURmax feeMax. fee: 24,795 EUR
  • Learn moreContactAmerican International School Vienna
    • locationSalmannsdorfer Str. 47, 1190 Wien, Austria
    Set within the rich cultural context of Austria and the beauty of the Vienna woods, the American International School Vienna is one of the top…genderCo-Education800 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 12,000 EURmax feeMax. fee: 23,000 EUR
  • Learn moreContactThe Global College
    • locationC. de Castellón de la Plana, 8, 28006 Madrid, Spain
    The Global College is an innovative IB boarding and day school in the center of Madrid. Our highly personalized curriculum, superb career guidance, and urban…genderCo-Education112 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 20,700 EURmax feeMax. fee: 37,200 EUR
  • Learn moreContactInstitut auf dem Rosenberg
    • locationInstitut auf dem Rosenberg, H_henweg 60, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland
    Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the Artisans of Education®, is a Swiss international boarding school for students between the ages of 5-18. Situated on top of…genderCoEducational230 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumGerman Curriculum, IB, UK Curriculum, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 130’000.00 CHF (average, yearly fee) = 84’000.00 CHF (base fee) + CHF 46’000.00 (yearly individual fees)max feeMax. fee: 130’000.00 CHF (average, yearly fee) = 84’000.00 CHF (base fee) + CHF 46’000.00 (yearly individual fees)
  • Learn moreContactZurich International School
    • locationSteinacherstrasse 140, 8820 Wadenswil, Switzerland
    Zurich International School (ZIS) is a leading, non-profit day school offering a comprehensive education program for students, both local and expat, aged 3 to 18…genderCo-Education1200 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, Swiss Curriculum, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: CHF 16,300max feeMax. fee: CHF 36,600
  • Learn moreContactEurocolegio Privado Internacional Casvi
    • locationAvenida de Castilla 27, Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid), Spain
    Eurocolegio Casvi, a co-ed Private International School, was founded in 1985 by Mr. Juan Yagüe Sevillano who, after 24 years of devoted teaching, made his…genderCo-Education1100 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: From 4.850 EURmax feeMax. fee: From 31.000 EUR
  • Learn moreContactTASIS The American School in Switzerland
    • locationVia Collina d’Oro 15, 6926 Montagnola, Switzerland
    Founded by international education pioneer M. Crist Fleming in 1956, TASIS The American School in Switzerland is a day and boarding school committed to creating…genderCo-Educational750 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 27,000 USDmax feeMax. fee: 93,000 USD
  • Learn moreContactCollege Alpin Beau Soleil
    • locationroute du village 1, 1884 Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland
    At Beau Soleil, we believe it’s what you do that counts: Our international boarding school community in Switzerland offers an outstanding environment combined with a…genderCo-educational260 studentsday boardingBoarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, Swiss Curriculum, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: –max feeMax. fee: –
  • Learn moreContactInternational School of Brussels
    • location19 Kattenberg, 1170 Brussels, Belgium
    Since 1951, the International School of Brussels (ISB) has delivered high quality education to students from countries around the world. Today, with 1400 students aged…genderCo-Education1350 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 18,825 EURmax feeMax. fee: 40,625 EUR
  • Learn moreContactCopperfield International School Verbier
    • locationRue de la Berarde 10, Le Hameau, Verbier 1936, Switzerland
    Copperfield Verbier is the world’s only ski-in, ski-out international school, located in the Swiss alpine village of Verbier. We have hired world-class teachers, built an…genderCo-education30-50 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIB, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 31,000 CHF (Day School)max feeMax. fee: 46,000 CHF (Day School)
  • Learn moreContactSt. Peter’s School Barcelona
    • locationCarrer d’Eduard Toldrà, 18, 08034 Barcelona, Spain
    St. Peter’s school is the only school in Barcelona with the IB Continuum taught in English. We offer the three International Baccalaureate programmes: Early and…genderCo-Education600 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 9,800 EURmax feeMax. fee: 17,289 EUR
  • Learn moreContactBrewster Madrid
    • location28010 Madrid, Madrid, Spain
    Brewster American Schools has chosen the city of Madrid to open its first center outside the United States with children between the ages of 5…genderCo-educational200 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 10,000 USD + Enrollment Fee 5,000 USDmax feeMax. fee: 24,000 USD
  • Learn moreContactBBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School
    • locationSchopfheimer Allee 10, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany
    BBIS IS A LEADING INTERNATIONAL DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL Welcome to BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School, a place where students are empowered to reach their…genderCo-Education750 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 12,500 EURmax feeMax. fee: 20,200 EUR
  • Learn moreContactLeysin American School in Switzerland
    • locationChemin de la Source 3, 1854 Leysin, Switzerland
    Located in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, Leysin American School has a history of nurturing talent and motivating students to succeed in education, sports, and the…genderCo-Education300 studentsday boardingBoarding SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 99,000 CHFmax feeMax. fee: –
  • Learn moreContactBavarian International School (BIS)
    • locationLeopoldstraße 208, 80804 München, Germany
    Open Days 2022-2023 – register here: Dates: BIS City Campus – Early Childhood/Kindergarten & Primary School – Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 13:00 – 15:00 –…genderCo-educational1200 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: learn more on the website.max feeMax. fee: learn more on the website.
  • Learn moreContactInter-Community School Zurich
    • locationStrubenacher 3, 8126 Zumikon, Switzerland
    genderCo-Education840 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 12220 CHFmax feeMax. fee: 36950 CHF
  • Learn moreContactSotogrande International School
    • locationAvda La Reserva SN, Sotogrande, Cádiz, 11310 Spain
    genderCo-Education1226 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumIBmin feeMin. fee: 5955 EURmax feeMax. fee: 23100 EUR
  • Learn moreContactInternational School of Bremen
    • locationBadgasteiner Str. 11, 28359 Bremen, Germany
    genderCo-Education330 studentsday boardingDay & Boarding SchoolcurriculumBilingual, IB, UK Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 11300 EUR (Early Learning)max feeMax. fee: 17000 EUR (Secondary)
  • Learn moreContactAmerican School of Warsaw
    • locationWarszawska 202, 05-520 Bielawa, Poland
    genderCo-Education950 studentsday boardingDay SchoolcurriculumIB, US Curriculummin feeMin. fee: 5,725 USD + 29,320 PLN (Pre-K)max feeMax. fee: 10,770 USD + 60,900 PLN (Grades 11-12)

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