university of cincinnati medical school prerequisites

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It is our recommendation that each applicant speak with their major advisor (and preprofessional advisor, if applicable) to discuss the manner in which a pass/fail or letter grade
would impact their candicacy. In this way, an applicant can make a fully informed decision
about how to move forward based upon the entirety of her/his/their application. We are
confident that an applicant’s knowledgeable advisors can assist her/him/them in holistically
considering the impact of this decision on the applicant’s medical school candidacy as a

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The following COVID-19-related changes have been made to our
process for the 2021 application cycle
1. Invitations to complete a Secondary Application will begin two weeks later than usual due to
the delayed transmission of your application materials by AMCAS (ie, beginning 7/15 through
2. Early Decision Program deadline is extended by two weeks (ie, 8/15 rather than 8/1)
3. On-site Interviews will be delayed by two weeks (ie, begin Sept 2020 rather than August
4. The interview season will be extended through February 2021 (ie, usually ends in January)

**General Admission Policies and Information**

Cincinnati Medicine is committed to a holistic review of applicants at every stage of the
admissions process. The Admissions Committee does not use a formula as a basis for any
interview or admissions decision, and all applicants receive consideration.

To assess the applicant’s readiness for medical school, the Committee on Admissions looks
carefully at the following in making their determination:

A. Academic background—grades and grade trends, all MCAT scores, postbaccalaureate
and/or graduate experiences, honors courses, research experiences and any independent
study courses.

B. Personal Growth and Development—maturity, integrity, leadership skills, empathy and
interpersonal skills, involvement in activities helping others, exposure to diverse circumstances
and settings, critical thinking skills, communication skills, and distance traveled (i.e., where the
applicant has come from to where s/he/they are now).

C. Professional Development—understanding of humanistic dimensions of medicine,
exploration of medicine through physician shadowing, distance traveled, demonstrated
experiences in health care and service-oriented settings, knowledge of medical school
demands and pressures, research productivity, external vs. internal pressures to pursue a
medical career.

Decisions are communicated as soon as possible. Applicants are notified if they are accepted,
placed on the Alternate List or denied acceptance within approximately two to four weeks.
Accepted applicants are required to respond to their Cincinnati Medicine offer within two
weeks. The University of Cincinnati abides by the AAMC Traffic Rules and students may hold
multiple acceptances until the stated date per the AAMC. After that date, students may only
hold one medical school acceptance.

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