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The University of Koblenz Landau is a great choice for students who want to study data science. The University of Koblenz Landau offers a wide range of courses, including Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in computer science, applied mathematics, and statistics.

The faculty has extensive experience teaching data science courses, with some professors having taught at universities in Europe before joining the faculty here.

This university is located in the town of Landau, which is known for its beautiful scenery and historic buildings such as Schloss Favorite. The town has many restaurants and shops where you can hang out with friends or family members during your free time!

MSc. Web and Data Science

The Master of Science in Web and Data Science teaches specialized knowledge for analysing data and for designing and developing Web and data-intensive systems. Germane to such development and analysis is the understanding of the Web and data ecosystems as being multi-faceted, governed by technologies, economics, and social interactions of humans, interest groups, companies and governments. The Master prepares the graduate for independent academic work, lays the foundations for further achievements in the subject area, and lays the foundation for potential doctoral studies. It is a qualification for the ability to conduct complex tasks responsibly, with a focus on scientific soundness, intellectual independence, which are prerequisites for all kinds of research.

Orientation material for incoming first-semester students of summer 2020

Due to the worldwide Corona-related precautions, this semester’s incoming new students must delay their arrival and especially enrollment until winter 2020. We therefore provide the orientation lecture here and the corresponding slides here (click link). It explains everything there is to know about the master programme: how to start, and how to finish successfully. NOTE: All university-internal links can only be accessed once you enroll and receive your access rights when you arrive at the University of Koblenz.

Career Direction

Including and apart from academic research, the program has a strong focus on employability. Whether you are entering the job market, want to fulfil executive position, want to progress from your current position, or looking for a career change, t he course provides skills about how to:

  1. collect and use relevant data to influence business decisions
  2. develop Web systems, Web strategies and Web and data ecosystems
  3. provide substantial practice for strategic communication via data science

Target Students

The program is offered to persons with a bachelor’s degree or a minor in computer science. The Master of Science in Web and Data Science requires competencies acquired in a preceding bachelor study program, which is equivalent to computer science studies of type 1 (core computer science), type 2 (computer science with specific application subject) or type 3 (interdisciplinary study program with a share in computer science education comparable to the weight of other subjects).

Curriculum Objectives

The objective of the curriculum is to achieve a foundational understanding of Web and data-intensive systems and how they relate to techno-sociological interactions. For this purpose, the program broadens and deepens competencies in designing and developing Web and data-intensive systems and the automated analysis of Web data (content, links, and usage). Further, it focuses on the interaction of Web and data-intensive systems with legal constraints (e.g. digital rights), group processes (e.g. social network analysis), economic behaviour (e.g. marketing and online consumer behaviour) and political processes in the Web (eParticipation, democracy in a digital society). The course of studies nurtures the skill of formulating problems and to undertake the resulting tasks in working teams, which are qualifications beyond the scope of studies. We guide graduates to perform duties independently and take on challenging tasks related to analysing data, generating a data narrative, developing an interactive Web presence, and developing a Web and/or data strategy for companies and governments seeking to address the needs of customers, end users, and citizens. Our curriculum strives to produce graduates who have:

  • comprehensively internalised the concepts and competencies acquired with their studies. Beyond meeting the educational goals of their Bachelor studies for study-specific as well as general competencies, they have acquired an increased maturity and confidence in applying these concepts and competencies also to novel problem domains.
  • deep knowledge about data analysis and visualization, the development of Web systems, Web strategies and the development of the Web and data ecosystems.
  • acquired a profound and broad understanding of working with future technologies in their own field and beyond.
  • successfully applied the acquired knowledge of Data Science and Web Science for the formulation and solution of complex problems, and are ready to continue in research and development for the public sector, ICT or research institutions, by critically questioning the acquired knowledge and develop it further, if required.
  • gained various technical and social skills, such as the capacity to reason abstractly, systems thinking, ability to communicate and work in teams, and international and intercultural experience that prepare them for managerial/executive functions.
  • become familiar with academic work in fundamental research and fulfil the prerequisites for progressing on to a doctorate in their area of specialisation.

Tuition Fee and medium of instruction

The program is free of tuition and the medium of instruction is English.


Graduates from the institute WeST have found interesting positions at successful companies, started their own businesses or continued towards a Ph.D.

Pursue your Ph.D at WeST

Institute WeST has a limited number of places available each year for pursuing a Ph.D. If you excel in earning a master’s degree in Web and Data Science, you will be in pole position for continuing with doctoral studies.


Koblenz is one of the oldest and most attractive cities in Germany, with its landmarks having been honoured as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The University of Koblenz-Landau maintains close contacts to leading companies in Koblenz and nearby, offering possibilities for internships, collaboration and project experiences.


The international Master’s program in Web and Data Science is the first if its kind in Germany. It aims at students who want to increase their scientific expertise, qualify for leading positions and develop their personal capabilities after a successful Bachelor’s degree.

Therefore, besides expanding the students’ knowledge, the program facilitates independace as well as the ability to judge and to make decisions.

It puts a strong emphasis on computer science in order to impart foundational knowledge about the structure of the Web and techniques for analyzing the Web and changes on the Web. For the analysis of the Web, interdisciplinary research is necessary in order to understand users, their behavior and interaction with other users on the Web. The program is mainly conducted in English, but some elective courses can be taken in German.

The Master’s degree in Web and Data Science enables students to pursue a PhD. Graduates who want to enter professional life have excellent job opportunities.


Course ContentsIntroduction to Web Science as well as Network Theory and Dynamic SystemsWeb Retrieval, Semantic Web und Web EngineeringOnline Consumer Behavior, New Product Development und E-ParticipationElective courses in Computer Science with relation to the WebElective interdisciplinary courses in Computer Science with relation to the Web
LocationCampus Koblenz
Admission requirementsBachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Informatics or Computational Visualistics or equivalent program with at least 60 ECTS points in Computer Science, each with the final grade “good” or betterEnglish language certificate (TOEFL test with at least 79 points, Cambridge Certificate level B2 or IELTS 6.5)
Local admission restrictionsno
Startwinter term and summer term
Deadline for applications30th September (winter term) or 31st March (summer term), we strongly recommend applicants with non-German degrees to apply as early as possible, ideally until the end of May (for the winter term) or until 15th November (for the summer term). Admission process and visa application could easily add up to 5 months for international applicants.
Duration of studies4 semesters
DegreeMaster of Science (M.Sc.)
AkkreditationAccredited by internal accredition commission to Sept. 30, 2026
CounselingE-Mail: [email protected]
Further InformationFlyer Web and Data ScienceExamination RegulationsDetailed information about the programInformation for applicants with non-German degreesWebsite of the Institute for Web Science and Technologies

University of Koblenz – Landau Rankings

The latest rankings of the university-

#1690CWURWorld rank2020-2021
#69CWURNational rank2020-2021
#346US News and World ReportEnvironment/Ecology2021


College TypePublic
Campus settingUrban
Primary Language of instruction of programsGerman and English
Number of faculties8
Financial AidScholarships are available
Admission Helpdesk[email protected]

University of Koblenz – Landau Campus

  • The University of Koblenz and Landau has three campuses at Mainz, Koblenz, and Landau.
  • The Mainz campus includes the President’s Office, the university’s executive board, and the main administration.
  • The computing center caters services like email, WLAN, Cloud, PC identification, VPN, the university webpage and telephone system is present in the Koblenz Campus.
  • Other facilities like Science support institutions, Scientific Institutions, and institutions promoting young talent are available for students outside the faculties to promote their talents.

University of Koblenz – Landau Residence

The university does not provide on-campus accommodation to its students. However, it assists students with student accommodations in Germany. The monthly rent at Landau campus including internet and bills is 310 and 290 Euros for Koblenz campus students.

Off-campus Housing

  • Students of Koblenz and Landau who already live in Germany can also apply for accommodation at the residential halls at Studierendenwerk.
  • For private student residence halls: Studentenpark. German-wide house exchange for students: studenten (both for flatshares and single apartments)
  • New students looking for short term solutions are supposed to send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Couch surfing”.
  • Students who might be in hunt of a place for overnight stay are catered by the Catholic University Community and must-visit [email protected]

University of Koblenz – Landau Programs

  • The university offers many courses at bachelor’smaster’s, and doctoral levels in English and German language.
  • It also offers teaching related courses, certificates, international masters and scientific continuing education, and distance learning
  • There are 14 bachelor’s courses which are BA, BSc, and two subject degrees with 6 semesters, and 27 courses are offered at master’s level.
  • Also, seven international MSc courses are provided by the university. The Ph.D. courses are offered in 39 different subjects
  • Some of the top programs offered by the university are-
BA (Educational Science)6 semesters
BSc (Business Informatics)6 semesters
MSc (Environmental Sciences)4 semesters
International MSc (Ecotoxicology)4 semesters

University of Koblenz – Landau Application Process

Successful processing of the application for International students depends on the fulfillment of university specified requirements within the deadlines. Admissions at the University of Koblenz and Landau are offered for both domestic as well as international students.

Application Portal: Uni-assist application

Application Fee: 75 Euros (non-refundable)

Application Deadlines:

Admission deadlines for domestic and international students-

TermDeadlineInternational deadline
Summer 2021January 15, 2021November 15
Winter 2021/2022July 15, 2021May 15
Summer 2022January 15, 2022November 15

Supporting Documents

The following documents (in English or German) must be certified and sent to uni-assist by all students along with the printed online application form from the uni-assist portal:

  • Motivational letter
  • High School/ Diploma transcripts
  • Language certificates for German or English
  • For degree programs taught in German:
    • TestDaF – Level 4
    • German Language Examination for University Entrance DSH-2
    • German Language Diploma of KMK Level 2 (DSD II)
  • For degree programs taught in English the following official certificates can be accepted: IELTS, Cambridge Certificate and TOEFL
  • Passport (page with personal data)
  • Financial affidavits
  • Passport

Additional Documents (if applicable)

  • Officially certified translations of documents if they aren’t issued in English or German
  • Bachelor’s degree programs: university entrance examination (if required for university admission in your home country)
  • B.Sc. Psychology (limited admission), Campus Landau: prior application at the portal www.hochschulstart.de
  • certificate of academic degree and academic transcripts regarding previous studies at a university

University of Koblenz – Landau Cost of Education

International students willing to study in Germany are required to have sufficient funding to meet their cost during their stay. The university doesn’t charge tuition fees for the master’s degree and students with a non-German degree have to apply to programs via uni-assist with an application fee of Euro75. The estimated living costs including rent, food, books, clothes, phone, health insurance, and semester contribution are 720 to 850 Euros per month.

Students who have not completed any other master’s degree and would like to apply for a master’s degreeNILNIL
Recurring Semester-contribution226.20 Euros per semester.170.30 Euros per semester
Living costs which include rent, food, books, clothes, phone, health insurance, semester contribution, and recreational activities.720–850 Euros/month720–850 Euros/month

University of Koblenz – Landau Scholarships

  • University of Koblenz and Landau provides a variety of scholarships to its students to support their education and research in Germany.
  • Scholarships available to international students include:
    • Degree Scholarship: Students in the final stages of their Master’s degree with very good grades are eligible for scholarships worth 250 and 300 Euros/month for a maximum period of 6 months. Students who want to apply for a scholarship must fill the application form.
  • Students must send all the necessary documents combined in a single pdf file to [email protected]

University of Koblenz-Landau Placements

The students of this university get various opportunities related to their career. They may go for further studies to get an excellent career. They can access various job postings on the university website, and a career fair is held for them. Most of the programs offer one or two internships with which they can get practical knowledge.

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