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University Of Lethbridge Graduate Programs

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by Fola Shade

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The University of Lethbridge is a public comprehensive and Research University based in Alberta, Canada, offering over 150 undergraduate and 50 programs at the graduate level. Ranked second amongst Canadian UG universities in 2021, it is an influential force in Canadian higher education, and leads the way in delivering an excellent learning environment, research innovation, and internationally accessible courses and opportunities.

The university’s Lethbridge campus is a picturesque site that stretches over 500 acres of beautiful grounds and has world-class facilities, including the newly built state-of-the art Science Commons building, Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscienceand Alberta Water and Environment Science Building. It also has a campus in the vibrant and welcoming city of Calgary, which is located in the heart of the downtown area for students who want to immerse themselves in Canadian life or study around their work. The university is dedicated to creating an academic environment that exceeds the educational and personal needs of its learners through the delivery of outstanding teaching, real-world research, close collaboration with professors and instructors, and a wealth of recreational and extracurricular activities.

Students attending the University of Lethbridge will find themselves in an unbeatable position to excel academically or enter the professional or research sectors with excellent prospects.

Why Study at University of Lethbridge?

  • Programs: University of Lethbridge offers over 150 undergraduate courses, 75 graduate programs, and 10 doctoral degrees on the Lethbridge and Calgary campuses. Ranked #2 in Medical and Science Grants in the undergraduate category, by Maclean’s University Rankings 2021. Check: Programs at ULeth.
  • Campus: There are more than 70 clubs on campus that provide social and athletic activities, travel, religious fellowship, and charitable and cultural support. The university also offers two types of accommodation, the price for which ranges from CAD 1,848 to 5,076 (~1.07- 2.96 lakhs).
  • Admission Requirement: Applicants seeking admission to the University of Lethbridge should have a minimum average score of 3.00 and a minimum average GPA of 3.00. In addition, overseas applicants must present an IELTS score of 6.0 for UG students and 6.5 for PG students.
  • Cost of Attendance: The average tuition fee at University of Lethbridge is CAD 20,784 i.e 12.12 lakhs. International students should be prepared to amount to CAD 40,284 which is equivalent to 23.49 lakhs. Also Check: Cost of living in Canada.
  • Scholarships: University of Lethbridge offers two types of scholarships, student funding, and faculty funding scholarships. The amount of a scholarship depends on the department and the merit score of a student. It ranges from CAD 2,000 to CAD 13,000 per year.
  • Placements: The graduate employment rate of the university is 95.5%. The average salary of the fresher passing out of the college starts from 87,000 CAD. More than 80% of the graduates are able to find themselves in successful positions within three months of graduation. Explore! Employment opportunities in Canada 

University Of Lethbridge Graduate Programs

Accounting (MSc (Mgt))

Addiction and Mental Health Psychotherapy (GD)

Addictions Counselling (MSc)

Advanced Clinical Study of Addiction (GC)

Agricultural Biotechnology (MSc)

Agricultural Studies (MA)

Agricultural Studies (MSc)

Anthropology (MA)

Archaeology (MA)

Archaeology (MSc)

Art (MA)

Art (MFA)

Biochemistry (MSc)

Biological Sciences (MSc)

Biomolecular Science (PhD)

Biosystems and Biodiversity (PhD)

Canadian Studies (MA)

Chemistry (MSc)

Computer Science (MSc)

Computer Science and GIS (MSC)

Counselling Psychology (MEd)

Counselling Psychology (PhD)

Cultural Resource Management (MA)

Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (MA)

Cultural, Social, and Political Thought (PhD)

Dramatic Arts (MA)

Dramatic Arts (MFA)

Earth, Space, and Physical Science (PhD)

Economics (MA)

Education (MA)

Education (MEd)

Education (PhD)

Educational Leadership (MEd)

English (MA)

Environmental Science (MSc)

Epidemiology and Biostatistics (GC)

Evolution and Behaviour (PhD)

Exercise Science (MSc)

Finance (MSc (Mgt))

French (MA)

French/Spanish (MA)

Geography (MA)

Geography (MSc)

Health Sciences (MSc)

Health Sciences – Public Health specialization (MSc)

Health Services Management (GC)

History (MA)

Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (MSc (Mgt))

Indigenous Studies (MA)

Individualized Multidisciplinary (MA)

Individualized Multidisciplinary (MSc)

Information Systems (MSc (Mgt))

International Management (MSc (Mgt))

Kinesiology (MA)

Kinesiology (MSc)

Marketing (MSc (Mgt))

Master of Counselling (MC)

Master of Health Services Management

Mathematics (MSc)

Music (MA)

Music (MMus)

Neuroscience (MSc)

Neuroscience (PhD)

New Media (MA)

New Media (MFA)

Nursing (MN)

Nursing (MSc)

Philosophy (MA)

Physics (MSc)

Policy and Strategy (MSc (Mgt))

Political Science (MA)

Population Studies in Health (PhD)

Psychology (MA)

Psychology (MSc)

Public Health Program and Policy Planning and Evaluation (GC)

Religious Studies (MA)

Remote Sensing (MSc)

Sociology (MA)

Theoretical and Computational Science (PhD)

Urban and Regional Studies (MA)

Women & Gender Studies (MA)

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