University Of Limpopo Medicine Requirements

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The University of Limpopo is known for its prestigious Medicine program, which attracts aspiring medical professionals from all over South Africa. However, gaining admission into this program requires meeting certain stringent requirements set by the university. In order to even be considered for the Medicine program at the University of Limpopo, applicants must have completed 12 years of education and have a Full Matriculation Bachelor, preferably with English at level 4 (50-59%) and Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy at level 3 (40-49%).

In addition to the basic requirements mentioned above, applicants must also have completed additional subjects to contribute to their minimum Admission Point Score (APS). The APS is calculated based on an applicant’s final Matriculation results and is used by the university to determine an applicant’s academic eligibility for the Medicine program. Meeting the minimum APS requirement is crucial for gaining admission into the competitive program and aspiring medical students should strive to excel in all their subjects to increase their chances of acceptance.

The admission process at the University of Limpopo is highly competitive, with only a limited number of spots available in the Medicine program each year. Applicants are required to submit their final Matriculation results along with any additional supporting documents required by the university. A selection committee will then review all applications and make their decisions based on the applicants’ academic performance and overall suitability for the program. Meeting the admission requirements is just the first step in a rigorous selection process that tests the skills and dedication of aspiring medical professionals.

The University also requires that all applicants have at least five years of work experience in their chosen field. This may include: medical assistant, nursing assistant, laboratory technician, or any other medical-related position.

In addition to these qualifications, applicants must also be able to speak English fluently and submit proof of immunization upon acceptance into the program.

The University of Limpopo offers various degrees in medicine, including:

-Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) – this degree is the standard undergraduate course for medical practitioners in South Africa. It takes five years to complete and requires students to complete a minimum of 240 credits from the list below.

-Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiology – this degree is an honours course that can be completed alongside the MBChB or as a stand-alone qualification. Students will study all areas related to physiology, such as anatomy, biochemistry and pharmacology.

University of Limpopo Medicine Requirements

The University of Limpopo has a number of requirements for applicants to its Medicine program. In order to be considered for the program, you must have completed 12 years of education and Full matriculation Bachelor, preferably English with level 4 (50-59%) and Mathematics Or Mathematics Literacy level 3 (40-49%).

List of Requirements for Admission into the First Year of Study:

1. Grade 12 Bachelor’s Pass

  • Minimum requirements in English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences (Biology)

2. Science Degree

  • Obtained within the required minimal years

3. Full Matriculation Bachelor

  • Preferably English with level 4 (50-59%) and Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy level 3 (40-49%)

  • Additional subjects needed to contribute to minimum APS

EnglishLevel 4 (50-59%)
Mathematics or Mathematics LiteracyLevel 3 (40-49%)

University of Limpopo Medicine Requirements; See details on University of Limpopo Medicine Requirements

As one of the two schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the School of Medicine brings new dynamics in the medical fraternity as the first medical school in the democratic South Africa.

The school is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) in 2014 to offer Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) undergraduate degree. As a six-year programme, the MBChB offers intensive and competitive qualification where students acquire a range of training from basic sciences to clinical skills laboratory, building up through primary healthcare, secondary, and tertiary care levels.

To qualify for admission into the first year of study, the applicant should have a Grade 12 bachelors pass, meeting minimum requirements in English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences (Biology). Also, those who obtained a science degree on the minimal required years do qualify.

The first intake was in 2016, with the first cohort of 60 students and the numbers have increased exponentially. The MBChB curriculum is an integrated system-based curriculum upkeep with world trends and the HPCSA requirements.

The school also offers accredited postgraduate studies, leading to specialisation in various clinical disciplines, such as Anaesthesiology, Dermatology, Forensic Pathology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Paediatrics and Child Health, Paediatric Pulmonology, and Public Health Medicine to mention a few.

To qualify as a specialist, you should enrol as a registrar for a Master of Medicine (MMed) degree in one of the fields of specialties. In all of these specialties and sub-specialties, the exit examination is conducted by the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa. The duration of the MMed degree is four and five years for medical and surgical specialties, respectively.

The are many career opportunities in South Africa as the doctor-patient ratio is still very low. On completion of the MBChB degree, one can work as a general practitioner (GP) in public or private practice, after two years’ internship and one-year community service. You can also specialise in your chosen clinical field.

We aim to produce a well-rounded medical doctor who is fit to treat patients in all levels of care.


“To be a leading African university, focused on the developmental needs of its communities and epitomising academic excellence and innovativeness”


A University which responds actively:

  • To the development needs of its students, its staff members and its communities;
  • Through relevant and high quality higher education and training, research and engagement; and
  • In partnership and in collaboration with its different stakeholder.

Contacts Details:

Acting Director: Prof SM Risenga
Tel: (+27) 15 268 4320 /3920
Email: [email protected]

Senior Secretary: Ms Selaelo Letsoalo
Tel: (+27)15 268 4320
[email protected]

Medicine at University of Limpopo UL

The School of Medicine is one of the schools in the faculty of health sciences. At undergraduate level it is offering the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It aim to expand offerings in the future to offer other undergraduate qualifications that are normally offered at medical schools in South Africa; such as the Bachelor of Clinical Practice, for example.

By its nature, it has a strong service delivery focus through health facilities that are part of the clinical training platform. Research niche areas arise out of burden of disease data gathered through service delivery.

Bedside teaching and learning start early on during the training of medical undergraduates.

The school offers post graduate medical specialisation degrees in various disciplines.

All departments co-operate in the offering of the MB ChB degree; whereas each accredited discipline offers postgraduate specialisation degrees (M Med.).

  • Department of Medicine
  • Department of Surgery
  • Department of O&G, Women’s Health
  • Department of Paediatrics & Child Health
  • Department of Family Medicine
  • Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health
  • Department of Pathology
  • Department of Community Health/Public Health Medicine
  • Department of Radiation Medicine & Imaging

School of Medicine Contacts

Academic and Administrative Staff

Name of Director of SchoolProf SM Risenga(Acting)
Telephone015 268 4320 /3920
email[email protected]
Name of Senior SecretaryMs Selaelo Letsoalo
Telephone015 268 4320
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTPaediatrics and Child Health plus sub-specialities
Name of Head of DepartmentProf N Shipalana
Telephone015 287 5432
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTInternal Medicine
Name of Head of DepartmentProf AM Ratsela
Telephone083 265 5409
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTFamily Medicine
Name of Head of DepartmentDr M Shoyeb
Telephone082 042 1032
[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTObstetrics & Gynaecology
Name of Head of DepartmentProf D.S Nesengani
Telephone083 411 3445
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTRadiation & Imaging
Name of Head of DepartmentDr R.T Mamogale
Telephone074 104 6367
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTPsychiatry
Name of Head of DepartmentDr M.E  Malerotho
Telephone083 497 1533
email[email protected]
Name of DEPARTMENTSurgery
Name of Head of DepartmentProf S.S Omoding
Telephone082 906 8155
email[email protected]

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