university of virginia law school acceptance rate

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university of virginia law school acceptance rate
university of virginia school of law acceptance rate

University of Virginia School of Law

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University of Virginia School of Law

Class of 2018 – Snapshot 5631 Completed Applications 863 Offers 15% Acceptance Rate 301 Enrolled Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is a world-renowned training ground for distinguished lawyers and public servants. Consistently ranked among the top law schools in the nation, Virginia has educated generations of lawyers, instilling in them a commitment to leadership, integrity and community service. Virginia is justly famous for its collegial environment that bonds students and faculty, and student satisfaction is consistently cited as among the highest in American law schools. At Virginia, law students share their experiences in a cooperative spirit, both in and out of the classroom, and build a network that lasts well beyond their three years here.

Contact Info

Address: 580 Massie Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738 
Admission Phone: (434) 924-7351 
Admission Email: [email protected]

2018 Quick Overview

The Below Data Compiled By: The American Bar Association 

Student-faculty ratio12:1
Tuition$56,300 per year (full-time, in-state)
$59,300 per year (full-time, out-of-state) 
N/A per year (part-time, in-state)
N/A per year (part-time, out-of-state)
Tuition Guarantee Program0
Estimated Living Expenses$18,828
Founded In1923
ABA AccreditedYes
Application deadline03/06/19
Full-time program application fee$ 80
Financial Aid Deadline02/03/19
Can first years start other than fall?No

Median LSAT: 169Median GPA: 3.86Acceptance Rate: 20.2 %

Comparable Schools

Duke University School of LawNew York University School of LawNorthwestern University School of LawStanford University Law SchoolThe University of Michigan Law SchoolUniversity of California – Berkeley LawUniversity of California – Los Angeles, School of LawUniversity of Pennsylvania Law SchoolUniversity of Virginia School of LawWashington University School of Law

Academic Year


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Under Represented MinorityInternational ApplicantNon-Traditional ApplicantMember of the Armed Forces

Points On Graph:

AcceptedPendingRejectedWaitlistedInterested In Applying

University of Virginia School of Law

Real Time Applicant Admissions DataAcceptedInterested In ApplyingPendingRejectedWaitlistedLSAT12013014015016017018011.522.533.54LSDAS GPA

University of Virginia School of Law

Real Time HIC User Applicant Status Admissions Data


hunterbezner165A3.90Accepted11/21/1712/11/172 years ago
jrs2192170A3.99AcceptedYes11/23/1611/23/1612/14/163 years ago
DustinLorenzo163A3.90Accepted4 years ago
screamingeagle14172A4.00Accepted09/13/1609/14/1609/15/164 years ago
Nfinkels180A2.94Accepted4 years ago
harri2rt159A3.97AcceptedNo4 years ago
PinkEsq167P3.95Interested In Applying5 months ago
throwawayaccount162A3.76Interested In Applying11 months ago
coconut1161A3.70Interested In Applyingone year ago
RachelCrowl3179A3.93Interested In Applyingone year ago
anajimu165P3.20Interested In Applyingone year ago
JohnGraham172A3.81Interested In Applying2 years ago
patel.reena1212168P3.87Interested In Applying2 years ago
sbutler2169P3.11Interested In Applying2 years ago
Witchegirl158A3.93Interested In Applying2 years ago
turners162A3.89Interested In Applying2 years ago
Kylielove98158P3.95Interested In Applying2 years ago
Mkessler140P2.96Interested In ApplyingNo2 years ago
LegalLaur170P3.82Interested In Applying2 years ago
Maresavacc158A3.18Interested In Applying2 years ago
marisab4150P3.50Interested In Applying2 years ago
Smoli028150P3.15Interested In Applying2 years ago
nickhurt165P3.90Interested In Applying2 years ago
krperez166A3.95Interested In Applying3 years ago
Jldue1160A3.85Interested In Applying3 years ago
cmahan81164A3.87Interested In Applying3 years ago
themccon170P3.80Interested In Applying3 years ago
posttm14165P4.00Interested In Applying3 years ago
krisbrad57165A3.95Interested In Applying3 years ago
KCapesius164A3.86Interested In Applying3 years ago
Combstyler79170P3.85Interested In Applying3 years ago
selangert170A3.50Interested In Applying3 years ago
briankaam168P3.97Interested In Applying3 years ago
Jennifer.weinberg15162P3.78Interested In Applying3 years ago
sarahvwink165P3.40Interested In Applying3 years ago
Jkeruski151A3.96Interested In Applying3 years ago
Karidaeg165P3.30Interested In Applying3 years ago
Crostoem172A3.82Interested In Applying3 years ago
jaaboone173P3.80Interested In Applying3 years ago
hrgourdie162P3.98Interested In Applying3 years ago
mcox303168P3.93Interested In Applying3 years ago
Pramirez2017150P3.00Interested In Applying3 years ago
Cward41163P3.51Interested In Applying3 years ago
riley12clark150P3.40Interested In Applying3 years ago
QuintonBurnett154P3.34Interested In Applying3 years ago
AFVD2017160P3.94Interested In Applying3 years ago
paigek6160P3.80Interested In Applying3 years ago
Als07742159A3.89Interested In Applying3 years ago
sfens005160P2.80Interested In Applying3 years ago
elizO19164A3.70Interested In Applying4 years ago
Traceycarrasco156P3.48Interested In Applying4 years ago
Tjb3fc173A3.58Interested In Applying4 years ago
Sl9gh163A3.67Interested In Applying4 years ago
smb7be165P3.70Interested In Applying4 years ago
connorprelaw167P3.77Interested In Applying4 years ago
Paigehammond13172P3.95Interested In Applying4 years ago
mcooper157P3.90Interested In Applying4 years ago
jmd0405158A4.00Interested In Applying4 years ago
rachaelsimon175P3.50Interested In Applying4 years ago
deannalee35170P4.00Interested In Applying4 years ago
wtaylor96162P3.95Interested In Applying4 years ago
marilynchong160P3.00Interested In Applying4 years ago
dscheiderer153A3.71Interested In ApplyingNo4 years ago
ilerman172P3.71Interested In Applying4 years ago
jjel170P3.70Interested In Applying4 years ago
Rollin155P3.90Interested In Applying4 years ago
Lemontree12132A3.00Interested In Applying4 years ago
IanGriffinVA160P3.50Interested In Applying4 years ago
whitralston2018180A3.72Interested In Applying4 years ago
teakogun165P3.25Interested In Applying4 years ago
rfjr2387168A3.95Interested In Applying4 years ago
barnesmh165P3.50Interested In ApplyingNo4 years ago
Scotting12160A3.89Interested In Applying4 years ago
Barkerln168P3.50Interested In Applying4 years ago
Matthew170P3.85Interested In Applying4 years ago
mz399713155P3.50Interested In Applying4 years ago
Webbrf161A3.50Interested In Applying5 years ago
boomer95160P3.82Interested In Applying5 years ago
Kbenton2170P3.71Interested In Applying5 years ago
lmittman120P3.75Interested In Applying5 years ago
scorrado163A3.60Interested In Applying5 years ago
alexnoll168A4.00Interested In Applying5 years ago
msmedley168A4.00Interested In Applying5 years ago
kathms8160A3.60Interested In Applying5 years ago
ecs4jc170A3.50Interested In Applying5 years ago
fosters16159A3.99Interested In Applying5 years ago
ers122175P2.93Interested In Applying5 years ago
nim168A3.53Interested In Applying5 years ago
Ajiggi2019150A3.58Pending02/20/1902/20/19one year ago
cfendian161A3.86Pending12/13/1601/05/173 years ago
deletethisaccoount168P1.00Pending4 years ago
mrt8fa165A3.85Pending11/17/154 years ago
etbennet164A3.92Pending5 years ago
jflink7155A3.15RejectedYes03/07/19one year ago
kkmonet6151A3.91Rejected2 years ago
lbarker155A3.43Rejected03/01/1703/22/173 years ago
adeck156A3.24Rejected4 years ago
anonymous163A3.83Waitlisted10/12/1810/15/1803/07/19one year ago
Number of Applicants50495049
Number of Offers923923
Number of Matriculants296296
75% GPA3.943.94
Median GPA3.873.87
25% GPA3.563.56
75% LSAT170170
Median LSAT169169
25% LSAT163163

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