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Are you among the set of people that have been thinking of going to the University of Würzburg for masters programs so that you can have an edge to boost your career? Are you a student in search of a good university to further your education. Do you have what it takes and the necessities to help you excel in your career? Do you want to know more about University of Würzburg ranking or you want to know more about the University of Würzburg Ranking.? Be prepared! You are about to know more about University of würzburg notable alumni and how to enroll in the school of your dreams. Get ready as we tell you on the practical and theoretical skills your school has to help you fulfill your career.

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University of Würzburg

Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JUMU) is an internationally acclaimed university offering a wide range of subjects. The University has deep roots in Würzburg and the region of Mainfranken, and their research and teaching activities have led to achievements of global significance. This is the foundation of their identity and commitment to continuing excellence in research and teaching across all branches of science.



The University of Würzburg has been ranked as the 151 and has almost 24000 students it admits ever year.



The University of Würzburg was found in 1402 in Germany. It is a member of Coimbra group. Its official name is Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. It was named after the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn.

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Many eminent scholars and scientists, 14 Nobel Laureates among them, have researched and taught in Würzburg. Rudolf Virchow, Carl Siebold, and Franz Brentano are in that number, as well as Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who discovered the X-rays in Würzburg in 1895, or Klaus von Klitzing, discoverer of the Quantum-Hall Effect.

Today, Würzburg’s University is counted among the medium-sized institutions of higher education in Germany. It comprises ten faculties with about 400 professors and 28,000 students.


As early as in the 1990s, the University began founding cross-faculty research centers, opening up new research areas and possibilities for innovative degree programmes. These interdisciplinary centers – the Research Centre for Infectious Diseases is one of them – have become an internationally prominent trademark of the University of Würzburg.



The Career Service – or Career Center how it is called in most other countries – is responsible for additional courses and events that facilitate students step into their future job life. The Career Service Office is the main platform where one can find information about the study and career funding opportunities that are provided by the Würzburg University. In order to create a bridge between study and job, students are able to get acquainted with precise job images and requirements. The Career Service Office offers on this regular orientative and qualificatory seminars and activities


Master’s Programmes

Medicine & Health (2)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (2)
Humanities (1)
Social Sciences (1)


Student services

Students are provided with a list of tutors. Pick-up at the station and assistance in getting to accommodation is arranged. At the welcome meeting, information for ‘First Steps’ is offered, and day-to-day problems are addressed. The International Office at the University of Würzburg will arrange all aspects of enrolment. The local co-ordinator will assist the students with whatever questions and problems may arise.

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Housing services

The Student Housing Service is responsible for ten dormitories in various locations in Würzburg.

Single and double rooms or rooms in apartments where two to four students share a kitchen and bathroom;
All rooms and apartments are furnished;
Dishes, cooking items, bedding, and towels are not provided;
Private: Of course you can also live in a shared apartment (WG – Wohngemeinschaft) or in your own apartment. Rooms and apartments for temporary rent are often furnished and can be of particular interest to you.

Library services

Würzburg University Library offers training courses on information literacy, for example, introductory courses to the library and its services, for students, staff and the university-wide community as well as for all library users. The courses take place either in the main library or in the faculties and institutes.

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