why is georgia tech a good engineering school

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Why Is Georgia Tech A Good Engineering School

Because of its high academic quality and relatively low cost, Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering is cited as one of the best values in American higher education by publications such as the Fiske Guide to Colleges, the Princeton Review and the Kiplinger Business Magazine.

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Facts & Rankings

The College of Engineering is consistently ranked among the country’s top 10 engineering institutions and has a reputation as a global leader and innovator. The College is home to eight separate engineering schools, each of which are ranked in the top  of their respective fields. Because of its high academic quality and relatively low cost, Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering is cited as one of the best values in American higher education by publications such as the Fiske Guide to Colleges, the Princeton Review and the Kiplinger Business Magazine.

Infographic of stats/facts for CoE

As of 2020, within the College of Engineering, 61% of undergrad students received an engineering degree from Georgia Tech. 1,249 awards granted in fiscal year 2019, with $270M granted in new research awards. The College is number one in engineering degrees awarded overall to women and minorities and in engineering doctoral degrees awarded to African-Americans. There are 16,444 students enrolled in the College as of Fall 2020 (with 32% women). We have 540 engineering faculty members, with 28 National Academy of Engineering members. There are 2M square feet of research/instructional space in across campus dedicated to engineering. 56% of engineering undergrads have an international experience before graduation. Degrees Awarded, FY20, include 2,279 bachelor’s, 1,424 master’s and 336 Ph.D.

College of Engineering undergraduate program ranked #4 (#2 public) by U.S. News & World Report in the 2020 Best Colleges rankings.

U.S. News & World Report Rankings

Undergraduate Programs 

The Georgia Tech College of Engineering continues to be recognized as an elite engineering school and one of the top public institutions in the nation. The undergraduate engineering program at the College ranked 4th in the 2020 America’s Best Colleges edition of U.S. News & World Report (published in September 2019). The program is also #2 for public colleges. All of the programs offered by the College, the nation’s largest and most diverse engineering college, placed among the top four of their respective areas.

Intel, Georgia Tech team to boost women and minorities in computer science  and engineering - Atlanta Business Chronicle
Industrial and Systems Engineering1st
Aerospace Engineering 2nd
Civil Engineering2nd
Materials Engineering2nd
Chemical Engineering3rd
Mechanical  Engineering  3rd
Biomedical Engineering4th
Computer Engineering4th
Electrical Engineering 4th
Environmental Engineering4th

Graduate Programs

For the seventh consecutive year all of Georgia Tech’s engineering graduate programs ranked in the top ten in the nation in their respective specialties, powering the College of Engineering to a fourth-place ranking among public engineering institutions (eighth overall) in the latest U.S. News & World Report graduate rankings of national universities granting doctoral degrees.

Industrial Systems and Engineering1st
Biomedical Engineering2nd
Civil Engineering3rd
Aerospace Engineering4th
Chemical Engineering5th
Environmental Engineering5th
Mechanical Engineering5th
Computer Engineering6th
Electrical Engineering6th
Materials Engineering9th
Nuclear Engineering9th

Global Ranking

In October of 2019 U.S. News & World Report released a global ranking of engineering schools based primarily on research and global reputation in the field. The ranking placed Georgia Tech 18th among all engineering schools in the world and fifth among American schools.

Statistics and Rankings

  • #1 in engineering doctoral degrees awarded to African-Americans (Diverse Issues in Higher Education)
  • 150 labs, centers and affiliate programs involving students in research. 
  • Fall 2020 engineering enrollment topped 16,000 making us the largest College of Engineering of its kind in the country.
  • The Georgia Tech College of Engineering is the largest producer of engineering degrees awarded to women and underrepresented minority students according to the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.
  • Georgia Tech Research Corporation is #32 on the list of Top 100 Worldwide Universities Granted U.S. Utility Patents.
  • 33.5% of our undergraduate engineering students are women, compared to just 17% of engineering students nationally.
  • 30% of undergraduate students participate in the co-op program, which is the largest voluntary co-op program in the nation.
  • First year retention rate at Georgia Tech is 97%. 
  • All undergraduate programs and graduate programs are ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News. 
  • Accepted students for Fall 2019 come from 45 states and 78 nations. 
  • Georgia Tech is the top producer of engineering Ph.D.’s in the country according to 2017 data from the National Science Foundation.

Interesting Engineering ranks the M.S. degree in Cybersecurity #1 in the country,. According to the website, “Georgia Tech’s program is specifically focused on the practical application of cybersecurity. The program works closely with the college of engineering to integrate applicable coursework and thanks to their three main specialization paths. You have good options depending upon which career path you see yourself taking. While studying at the school, you’ll also have a chance to do research work for the U.S. government, military, and even private industry thanks to the school’s immense connections in the field.”

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