Bachelor Degree In Italian Language

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A bachelor’s degree in Italian will give the learner a highly developed mastery of the Italian language, as well as substantial knowledge of the history and culture of Italy. Holding a degree in this field can help prepare you for a variety of related careers, or ready you for advancement to a master’s program.

You may be wondering, what is a Bachelor’s in Italian? This program is about four years in length and will usually include two years of general education coursework covering a variety of subjects. Upper-level coursework related to the major itself includes topics in Italian vocabulary, grammar, composition, and conversation. Italian literature and cinema, as well as courses related to the culture and civilization of the country of Italy, are also typically part of the core curriculum. Many universities also offer a study abroad experience in Italy.

Students pursue a bachelor’s degree in Italian for a variety of reasons. It can be highly useful for those planning careers in international relations, art history, or linguistics. Furthermore, Italian is the fourth most commonly spoken foreign language within United States homes, per a 2000 U.S. Census Bureau study. It is one of the wealthiest democracies in the world, making it important for international business.

There are multiple factors that influence the cost of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Italian, including program duration. Be sure to research the school thoroughly to ensure it meets all of your needs prior to enrolling in any program.

Why Earn an Italian Language Bachelor’s Degree Studying Abroad in Italy

Photo of students studying Italian in the heart of ItalyThe Italian Language Bachelor’s degree program features individual placement and ease of exchange, generally during the sophomore or junior years, in Florence, Rome, Tuscania, Venice and other select sites in Italian-speaking environments. The Italian bachelor’s degree major is offered in its entirety at the branch campus in Florence, Italy.

The Italian Language minor program helps prepare Florence, Italy study abroad students interested in working with Italian or Italian American communities and institutions in the United States and abroad. This program offers a broad foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Italian Language Bachelor’s degree students will expand their cultural literacy and language skills by integrating a variety of university-level courses from the fields of business, communications, economics, education, fashion, history, and politics.

Italian Language Bachelor’s Degree Careers

  • International business
  • Teaching
  • Interpreting

Bachelor Degree In Italian Language

Graduates of a Bachelor in Italian program can explore many different career paths. Some opt to become translators or interpreters, while others explore positions as management analysts or travel agents. Still, others choose to pursue advanced academic studies in the field, further mastering their knowledge of the Italian language, history, and culture.

There are international options and online classes offered for the Bachelor’s in Italian. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

Bachelor in Italian Medieval and Renaissance Studies

University of Padova

The University of Padova Padua, Italy Bachelor’s degree offers an in-depth encounter with the Italian language, tradition, and cultural heritage. Focusing on the centuries when Italy led Western art and literature, i.e. the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, it adopts a cross-disciplinary approach combining the study of texts, images, music, and performative arts. Strong theoretical courses are combined with interactive workshops in libraries, museums, and cultural institutions, for an on-site exploration of Italian culture. -BachelorFull-time3 years English, ItalianOct 2021Campus Add to comparison Add to favorites 

BA in Italian Studies

John Cabot University

John Cabot UniversityRome, Italy Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies is a rigorous interdisciplinary degree that combines the study of Italian literature, culture, society, and politics while developing students’ fluency in the Italian language. BAFull-time4 yearsEnglishSep 2021Campus Add to comparison Add to favorites 

Undergraduate university study Early and Preschool Education in Italian language

University Of Pula

University Of PulaNorth Little Rock, USAThe study program may be entered by applicants who have completed a four-year secondary school and who possess the health capability to perform activities linked to education. The choice of applicants is done based on their school achievements and the results of the conducted interview. BachelorEnglish, Italian, Croatian Add to comparison Add to favorites 

B.A. In Italian

University of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-MadisonMadison, USAThe Italian program at UW–Madison offers students opportunities for growth in the language and for increased cultural fluency through dynamic, in-class learning experiences and multiple extracurricular components such as Piazza Italia (an Italian immersion floor in the Lakeshore residence halls), Caffè Culturale (an Italian conversation group), Italian Club, and Cineteca Italiana (an Italian film club). 

Masters In Italian Language In Italy

Higher Education in Italy

Article 34 of the Constitution of Italy guarantees an individual’s right to pursue higher education with a university or college. The Italian university system is highly specialized and very competitive. They have 42 state universities, six private universities, three technical schools, and twelve specialized universities.

Why Study in Italy?

A course of study in Italy would enrich someone with their unique atmosphere and access to many of the finer things of life, including art, music, wine-making, and many others. With their highly specialized course areas geared toward a specific field, you are bound to get the educational background you need to carry your career goals a step further.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities in Italy are influenced heavily by the arts and humanities culture. There is the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Cesare Pollini Conservatory of Music, and the Polytechnic University of Bari, which is focused more on technology and technical engineering skills. There are many more to choose from with a variety of course offerings in various fields.

MA in Interpreting and Editorial Translation, Sectorial

Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Ca’ Foscari University of VeniceTreviso, ItalyUnique in Italy, this program integrates translation skills, interpretation skills, and a combination of Chinese- or Spanish-to-English with Chinese- or Spanish-to-Italian in the same curriculum. MAFull-time2 years English, Chinese, Italian.

Master in English Studies

University of Padova

The University of Padova Padua, Italy Master’s degree offers an advanced study program focusing on English language, literature, and culture for students wishing to acquire both state-of-the-art knowledge and professional skills in the field. It offers a unique chance to receive a high-quality education that actively responds to the vibrant challenges of the marketplace, and plays on a European scale in terms of advanced professional specialization in the international lingua franca. Its English-medium courses make it fully accessible for international students. Master Full-time2 years English

Master in Italian Studies, European Literary Cultures, Linguistics: Italian Studies

University of Bologna

University of BolognaBologna, Italy

Italian Studies is the Second Cycle Degree program based on the newest results of cultural analysis developed by the University of Bologna. Featured MasterFull-time2 years English

University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"

University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”Caserta, Italy

The course offers students the opportunity to achieve a double degree, ie a double degree Master of study Modern Philology and Linguistics. Featured MasterFull-time2 years English

Master in Language Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs

University of Parma

University of ParmaParma, ItalyLanguage Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs is a second-level degree (Laurea Magistrale) in Linguistics (LM39-Linguistica), taught entirely in English, offered by the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Cultural Industries of the University of Parma. It devotes specific attention to aspects related to language learning and teaching, with particular reference to Special Educational Needs affecting communication and language, such as developmental language disorders, learning disorders, and sensory disabilities. A strength of the course is the acquisition of competencies in the field of inclusive language education. It is a two-year course and on successful completion, graduates are awarded the “Laurea Magistrale” (second cycle degree certificate). Language Sciences and Cultural Studies for Special Needs is designed for candidates from different academic backgrounds and aims to provide a thorough grounding and advanced linguistic and cultural competencies in English and in a second foreign language (including Italian as an FL/L2), and research skills in the field of Language Sciences, in particular Educational linguistics. The course dedicates a specific attention to aspects related to language learning and teaching, mainly as regards educational contexts which include learners with special needs, such as language impairments and disadvantages, learning disorders, or sensory disabilities. Master Full-time, Part-time.

Master of Arts in English and American Studies (EAS)

University of Turin

University of Turin Turin, Italy. the 2-year MA program (Laurea Magistrale) in English and American Studies at the University of Torino is a graduate program in the humanities focusing on English and North American language/linguistics, literature, and cultures, analyzed in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. MAFull-time2 yearsEnglishCampus Add to comparison Add to favorites 

Master’s degree in European and Pan-American Languages and Literatures (taught in Italian)

University Of Bergamo

University Of Bergamo Bergamo, Italy. To acquire a thorough knowledge of the history of literature and the culture of European and American civilizations from various viewpoints; Fluency in at least one of the main languages spoken in Europe and the Americas, etc. MasterFull-timeItalianOct 2021Campus


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