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With the development of China’s economy, Universities are internationalising, and there are more and more competitive courses in law. Students studying law in China will receive a high quality international education, often at the fraction of the price of elsewhere.

How long does it take? 

A bachelor’s degree in law takes four years in China, two years for master’s (LLM) and three years for full-time doctoral degrees in Law.

When are the intakes? 

Most Chinese universities have two intakes each year. One in September and another in March, international students can start the Law program in any of these two intakes.

Why Study Law in China?

In addition to academic excellence, China is an excellent place to study Law because of it gives you access to China’s top legal scholars, leading lawyers, judges, business and political leaders.

The Chinese government taps law schools in an advisory role for national legislation and judicial practice, therefore, allowing students to learn only from the best.

Chinese universities offer a unique teaching approach that combines comparative and international law as faculty and professors have vast judicial experience and are at graduates of the world’ s leading law schools. In fact, there are Law degrees in China that are taught in English.

Pursuing a Law degree in China also ensures a wealth of opportunities. It enables you to build networks and connections enhancing your employability skills and career options. Graduates of law in China usually gain careers within the country or abroad.

Law Curriculum

The law curriculum in China is more or less similar to those from the US, Europe and Australia. Students are required to take a combination of general education and required courses during the early years of study. Law electives and law internships must also be complete to qualify for graduation.

International students who came to study law in China are becoming increasingly sought after as China’s prominence, power, and global connections continue to grow. Being immersed in Chinese culture, lifestyle, and society can foster intellectual and cultural growth and can help a foreign student to develop into well-rounded legal professionals. In addition, students pursuing law education for any degree in China can enjoy the beauty of this fascinating country and there will never be a dull day with all of the exciting things to see, do and explore. Pursuing law education in China is an excellent opportunity to gain expertise in subjects like commercial law, comparative law, international law and civil law. 

Earning a law degree in China generally takes about four years for bachelors’ degree in Law, 2 years for masters (LLM) in Law and 3 years for Doctoral degree in Law of full-time study. For postgraduate, Students can expect curriculum that includes a combination of coursework, research and a master’s thesis. Graduates of bachelor’s in law, LLM or PhD in China programs have gained valuable international experience and can go on to careers in China or abroad. 

The curriculum for law education in China is almost the same as the law curriculum in many law schools in USA, Europe, and Australia. Most of universities with law school in China have permanent foreign professors as well as visitor experts in different field of Law. These increase the reputation of most of Chinese law schools, and continue to be among the best law schools in the world. 

Examples of common Law programs offered by several Universities in China 

The English bachelor’s, LLM, PhD Law Programs in any Chinese University are programs open exclusively to international students. A student at any level may choose to major in one of the following law majors:

– International law, 

– Civil and commercial law, 

– Comparative law,

 – Intellectual property law,

– Constitutional and administrative law,

– Labor and social security law, 

– Criminal law,

– Procedural law,

– Economic law,

– International finance law,

Note than to be admitted:

 For Bachelor’s degree law program, a student must have:

– High school leaving certificate,

– Proficient in English or able to study in English  

For master’s degree in Law program, a student must have

– bachelor’s degree in law from recognized university, 

– Proficient in English. 

– Recommendations from two professor or associated professor 

For Doctoral degree in law program, a student must have 

– Masters degree from recognized university, 

– Able to study and conduct his/her researches in English. 

– Recommendations from two professor or associated professor 

Most of universities have two intakes each year. One in September and another in March, a foreign Students can begin the course at any of those two intake 

Regarding the teaching and professors, among the faculty staff from many Chinese universities with a law school are top Chinese scholars who were trained in China and the West, government officials, and practitioners in leading Chinese law firms. Some courses are also taught by foreigner experts in different area in law. 

Many of the Chinese university faculties are instrumental in drafting the laws required for the newly emerging market economy. International students may enjoy their critical comments during their law education in China. 

In addition, international students can also study Mandarin Chinese and have the opportunity to take work experience in China. In order to practice law in China you would need to speak and read fluent Chinese, pass the Chinese bar exam and then complete a one year apprenticeship with a Chinese law firm. If you have not passed the Chinese bar exam in China you would be able to provide “legal consultancy services” which is what the majority of foreign lawyers do in China.

Testimonials from previous foreign students who got their degree in different major of Law from any Chinese University with a law school show that they had gained excellent skills in law, and they able to practice law everywhere.      

Best law schools in china 

1. China University of Political Science and Law

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese (All levels), English (Only LL.M. and Ph.D. in Comparative Law)

China University of Political Science and Law was established in 1952, with about 15,600 students studying in the university annually. Today, there are approximately 928 lecturers, which includes professors, Ph.D., and masters instructors. An innovator in education, they produced the first two English-medium programs in China, the Comparative Law Degrees. Students of the university are at a higher advantage due to its strategic location in the capital city of Beijing, being a center of judiciary courts and best legal firms. As a result, China University of Political Science and Law is the best law school in China.

Their courses are Chinese or English-medium courses. The LL.B. Major in Law is taught in Chinese and takes four years to complete. The tuition fee is about USD 3,027, plus an additional USD 794 for accommodation per academic year. The LL.M. and Ph.D. can be in Chinese or English (LL.M. and Ph.D. in Comparative Law) for three years. The LL.M. tuition fee costs USD 4,389 per academic year, whereas the Ph.D. costs about USD 4,995.

2. Renmin University of China

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

Bearing its name as the People’s University of China, The Renmin University of China was founded in 1937 in Beijing and is one of the top law schools in China. The Law School started in 1950, being the first established law institution after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and the first to be given the National May First Labor Medal in China. Today, The Law School admits over 3,000 students every year, in the undergraduate (LL.B.) and graduate degrees (LL.M. and Ph.D.)

The LL.B. program takes four years to complete for USD 3,511 per academic year. Some courses in the program include the Chinese Legal System, the Chinese constitution, Jurisprudence, Administrative Procedure Law, and Criminal Law. After completing a bachelor’s degree, students pursue a master’s for two years which costs around USD 10,595, then followed by a doctorate program for three years at approximately USD 4,510. The graduate programs introduce the Chinese legal system taught by exceptional professors.

3. The Southwest University of Political Science and Law

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Ll.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

Next on our list of best law schools in China is the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, a public university founded in 1950 in Chongqing, southwest of China. At present, there are 14 schools, two campuses, and over 90 affiliated universities worldwide from North America, Europe and Asia. The university is among the earliest legal higher education after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

The Bachelor’s Degree Major in Law is a four-year program that is taught in Chinese. It costs USD 3,027 per year. The master program can major in two programs: Chinese Law and Law. It is completed for two to three years in English and Chinese and costs USD 3,784 a year. Students are equipped with in-depth knowledge of Chinese law, including its culture and history, and business-related international law. Lastly, the Ph.D. program is taken for three years in Chinese and English.

4. Peking University

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., J.D., Ph.D
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese

Peking University was established in 1898 in Haidian, Beijing, being one of the top universities and the first national university incorporating extensive majors in the country. They produce around 200 to 300 graduates every year. It claims to be the only law school in China that incorporates American common law with Chinese law education.

Peking University Law School was established in 1999. It focuses on four major pillars: economic law, jurisprudence, constitution and administrative law, and criminal law. The university offers an undergraduate degree Major in Law, Master of Law, J.D. and Ph.D. all taught in Kaiyuan Building, Chen Ming Building, National Double Courtyard and Fazhu Square.

5. Tsinghua University

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Chinese, English

We end our list of best law schools in China with Tsinghua University. It is one of the most beautiful universities in China, located in a prestigious royal garden of the Qing Dynasty called Qing Hua Yuan. It was first established in 1911 as Tsing Hua Imperial College, a preparatory institute for students sent to the USA for schooling. Today, they have 20 schools, 59 departments, 3,565 faculty members teaching their 50,394 students, including 435 foreign students.

Tsinghua University’s Law School was founded in 1920. Since the establishment, it has graduated many leading lawyers, legal professionals, and judges. It provides an enhanced learning environment with its outstanding professors and contemporary facilities such as the law library, computer laboratory and classrooms. The Law School offers a Juris Master (LL.M. in Chinese Law), an undergraduate degree major in law and a Ph.D. in Law.

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