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What is a PhD in Emergency & Disaster Management?

PhD in Emergency & Disaster Management is a student who holds PhD in disaster management, business continuity, security management, environmental hazards, and international security. Postgraduates must have such abilities as the capacity to stay calm in stressful disaster situations, a logical approach, analytical and problem-solving skills, and a flexible attitude.

 What are the main duties of a PhD in Emergency & Disaster Management?

PhD in Emergency & Disaster Management tasks include coordinating disaster response or crisis management activities, writing and implementing safety development plans and reports, planning for potential risks, developing and performing tests and evaluations of emergency management plans, communicating with emergency services, and keeping informed of federal, state and local regulations affecting emergency plans.

 Where can a PhD in Emergency & Disaster Management find a career?

Doctorates in emergency & disaster management are most commonly hired by local authorities, the police, government organizations, regional development agencies, and many others. Popular careers for postgraduates are emergency planning/management officer, disaster contingency planners, and emergency preparedness managers.

 Why should one obtain a doctorate’s degree in emergency & disaster management? company analysts recommend obtaining a doctorate’s degree in emergency & disaster management due to a rising demand for doctorates in this field.

PHD Disaster Management in Canada

Help save lives and reduce disaster damage to eligible organizations through the Canadian Red Cross. Canadian Phd in Disaster Management was founded as a non-profit corporation to fill the gap between the private sector and government relief agencies by developing strategic partnerships and striking an early warning system. The purpose was to give aid before natural or man-made disasters occurred and serve those who needed help right after those disasters occurred.

Having a PhD in disaster management” may be useful to an individual in the following fields: any organization, institution or agency that is involved in emergency response, prevention, preparedness and recovery activities. This degree is an excellent choice for individuals who want to work in areas including public health, emergency services and public safety.

Researchers from the university of Maine have built a new program that helps scientists cope with disasters as they happen, as opposed to waiting until after they’re done recovering. The new Disaster Research Initiative uses the expertise of Ph.D. students to rigorously study disaster management through a team approach. The first unit of the trial is a 29-member research team focused on disaster management, one of the first time a disaster management unit has been constructed on campus. Their findings will be used to inform how this campus responds in the future and can assist organizations across the nation, including those at Hurricane Sandy’s disaster sites.

Presently, a candidate having Masters or Doctorate certificate in Disaster Management is offered with lucrative jobs in this field. Students can take up this course through online or offline with universities offering the same. There are no specific Doctorate programs in this field but one can take up specialization in emergency management and disaster.

Universities across world don’t exactly offer PhD in disaster management, but do offer programmes similar to this. Below mentioned are few:

Universities offering PhD in Disaster Management

University of Delaware:

This University stands in the position of 159 under Forbes university ranking status. The university offers PhD in Disaster Science and Management which emphasis on theories, research methodologies, and policies related to emergency preparedness, mitigation, management and response. It requires 42 credits of graduate-level coursework beyond the master’s degree including 9 credits of dissertation. The university has separate Disaster Research Center to provide basic scientific knowledge on disasters. International students are offered with all basic living and study facilities along with scholarships for the course.
Scholarships and Awards:

The University awards academic programs for incoming fresher. For international students, university offers 100 distinguished scholars and other prestigious awards. Students can even go for Need-based Aid which is offered solely on academic ability and is demonstrated by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some of the available opportunities are- Graduate Research Assistantships, University Graduate Scholars Awards and other financial aids.
Capella University: This is a for-profit university that delivers its education online. It was ranked 246 in US News & World Reports

High School Counselor Rankings. International students can apply for distance PhD programs in Emergency Management. This online course helps students to prepare overseeing the complex emergency situations. The course includes 4 integrated components: online coursework, in-person experiences (called colloquia or residencies), comprehensive exams, and dissertation. It will also help to manage integrated multijurisdictional disaster management organizations and agencies.
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Scholarships and Awards:

With the program students can save thousands on tuition. These financial aids are available to everyone who enrolls now in qualified programs and meets other eligibility requirements. For PhD program in Emergency Management students can apply for Colloquim Grant of $1,495.
North Dakota State University: It is a well-known public university in US and is a comprehensive doctoral research university. Its research expenditure department ranks 127th out of 912 research university. Also Forbes ranked university No 5 in an article Top College Towns for Jobs. The university has Department of Emergency Management assisting students to gain exposure in the disaster management. Its courseware concentrates on co- coordinating, integrating, sustaining and managing situation during act of terrorism.


Students applying for financial aid has to complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The form can be filled online. There is a separate Transfer Award for which student must have cumulative GPA of 3.0 from each institution previously attended. Preference will be largely given to students who have earned 24 or more transferable semester credits. Some of the

available opportunities are- NDSU Bookstore Textbook Scholarship, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Scholarship, Air Force and Army ROTC Scholarships etc.
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Indiana University of Pennsylvania: It is the largest public university in USA and offers PhD in Safety Science. As per Forbes national comparison, university ranks 576 of 600. It also ranks high in the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Grad School Rankings”, especially in the social sciences, liberal arts. Both international students and national students can apply for PhD in Safety Science which is accredited by Applied Sciences Accreditation Commission of ABET, which makes this university worth applying for. International students applying for this program must also meet Graduate Admissions requirements for international students like TOEFL and submission of Foreign Student Financial Statement.
Scholarship and Awards: IUP offers a list of financial aid for different departments. This also applies for international students seeking admission in PhD or higher studies. There is a separate Health & Human Service scholarship that is available for international and national students.
University of Canterbury: This University in New Zealand is the leading one in the country. As per 2012 ranking by QS World University Rankings it stands in 212th position worldwide and 3rd in NZ. It offers PhD in Hazard and Disaster Management for students carrying BSc Honors or MSc degree of high standard. This also applies for international students. Students also can take up online programs so that can they can work and study together.
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Scholarships and Awards:

University offers separate scholarship aid for international students taking up PhD in Hazard and Disaster Management. Some of the funding offered are- Geographical Society Research Grant, Geography Students Conference Fund, Evans Fund and few others. However, the funding amount differs as per the program requirement and program taken up.

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