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Scholarship Exams for Class 1st ,2nd & 3rd Students in India

Scholarship for 3rd Class Students. If your child is a student of class 3 and studying in government school, then you must know that a new scholarship scheme from Railway Ministry has been announced as part of the Indian Railways First time Scholarship Scheme. This aim to provide financial assistance to students belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) & Other Backward Classes (OBC) who are studying in their XII std and have maintained good academic records from last 2 years.

Getting a college education is hard enough – now to pay for it! the elite! Getting a scholarship is one of the best ways to pursue a college education. You get cash to help you pay for school, and your university gets a ready-made stellar student. If you are among a long list of students who have been wondering why there aren’t any scholarships for students with a degree in lower second class or Third class, keep reading.

Scholarships are available for all kinds of students, no matter what their major or what their income level is. These scholarships are especially helpful to those who need help paying for college tuition. Scholarships can be used toward any kind of post-secondary education, including technical schools and graduate programs.

The good news? There are tons of different scholarships out there that don’t require perfect grades! In fact, many scholarship organizations will give money to students who have struggled academically or had other obstacles in life that prevented them from doing well in school—and sometimes even to those with criminal records!

In this article I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can find these types of scholarships so that you can fund your education without having to worry about getting loans or taking out credit cards.

Do you want apply for scholarship but you have a 3rd class, don’t worry here is an insight about Scholarship For 3rd Class Students and how you can apply for Masters with a 3rd class degree.

also list of Universities that accept third class for Masters : Universities that accept third class for Masters in USA, Universities that accept third class for masters in Canada and Universities that accept third class for Masters in Germany.

Scholarship For 3rd Class Students

Fortunately, there some scholarship opportunities for graduates with second class or third class degree. Most of these scholarships are often sponsored by organisations, conglomerates in conjunction with participating universities. Scholarship donors often consider it an investment rather than a gift.

The Lagos State University is among some of the Universities in Nigeria that you can apply for masters with third class and get admitted.

which universities accept 3rd class for masters

universities that accept third class for masters in nigeria

These are the Universities in Nigeria that you can apply for Masters with third class and get admitted to study your desired course.

Carefully go through the list to know the one that best suits you amongst the universities that accept third class for masters in nigeria :

1. Taraba State University (TASU)

If you graduated with third class and have been looking for a University that will accept your application in Nigeria.

Taraba State University (TASU) is one of the best places you should apply to stand a better chance of being admitted.

Taraba State University (TASU) keeps inviting interested candidates every year who are seeking to be admitted into any of their postgraduate programmes (including those with third class degrees) to apply for consideration.

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2. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) is one of the outstanding state Universities in Nigeria, that offer admission easily to all candidates who meet their admission requirements.

Enugu State University of Science and Technology was established as AUTECH on July 30, 1980.

It is a good choice for you if you need to do masters and you have a third class in your first degree.

Here is the school website: Enugu State University of Science and Technology(ESUT)

3. University of Ibadan (UI)

Are you a postgraduate candidate with a third class in your previous study and want to obtain a Master’s degree in your discipline? Then the University of Ibadan (UI) is the place for you.

It is no doubt that the University of Ibadan (UI) is one of the premier Universities in Nigeria and also a popular choice for most candidates seeking admission especially for those from the Southwest. Despite its reputation, the University of Ibadan still welcomes applications from postgraduate candidates who have a third class in their previous study and seek to obtain a master’s degree in their discipline.

As such, interested applicants should be able to:

– Complete their postgraduate application form online at;

– Pay the non-refundable application fee of N8,500 via any bank payment platform;

– Submit relevant credentials including JAMB result slip and certificate of completion (for candidates with first degree); transcript of records from their previous institution (for candidates with second degree); birth certificate; National Identity card (NIC)

Here is the school website: University of Ibadan (UI)

4. Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

The Ahmadu Bello University is one of the world-class Universities you can find in Nigeria equipped with high-quality facilities and multi-disciplinary approaches.

If you have a third class desire to do your masters, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria is one of the best options for you.

Here is the University websiteAhmadu Bello University (ABU)

5. University of Jos (UNIJOS)

The University of Jos is an innovative institution with a profound relationship between ‘town and gown’.

They have a pool of master’s students in different faculties.

These students are provided with education for global competitiveness and the University of Jos also prepares them to match the needs of employers.

You will be considered for admission if you graduated with a third class in your bachelor’s degree.

6. University of Benin (UNIBEN)

The University of Benin has a huge commitment to improving the students of their institution by impacting the much needed academic resources in the students.

UNIBEN is known for a commendable educational standard and accepts postgraduate students who have third class as long as they meet every other requirement of the admission.

7. Lagos State University (LASU)

The Lagos State University is among some of the Universities in Nigeria that you can apply for masters with third class and get admitted.

Lagos State University is a world-class university situated in the heart of Lagos State with good facilities and enough resources to aid learning.

8. Ambrose Alli University (AAU Ekpoma)

The Ambrose Alli University is located in Ekpoma, Edo state. It is one of the Universities in the country that one can apply to do his/her master’s degree with a third class grade.

Here is the school website: Ambrose Alli University (AAU Ekpoma)

9. Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

The Cross River University of Technology is a state-owned University located in Calabar, a local government area of Cross River State, Southern Nigeria

Here is the school website:Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH)

10. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU)

The Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University was known as Katsina State University.

The University was established in 2026 by the Katsina State Government. This school accepts third class for master’s degree application.

There are other universities that accept third class for Masters in Nigeria. Some of them are listed below.

Here is the school website:Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU)

  • Covenant University (CU)
  • Osun State University (UNIOSUN)
  • University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT)
  • University of Ilorin (UNILORIN)
  • Kaduna State University (KASU)
  • Igbinedion University Okada, Edo State
  • University of Calabar (UNICAL)
  • African University of Science and Technology Abuja (AUST)
  • Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED)
  • Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU)

 The fact has it that these are not the only Universities that accept the third class for master in Nigeria.

We made this post to encourage candidates who happen to leave school with such certificate, and to those who may have the interest of continuing their education in various fields.

It takes nothing but approaching the schools and finding out what it takes to further your education.  Meanwhile, you can also use this form, to apply for various scholarships that are available for you.

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Preparing for Your Future with a 3rd Class/Pass Degree

Even though finishing from the university with poor results seems like planning to build a castle with sticks and stones, it does not have to be the end of your big dreams. You probably had difficulties in the university, dealing with a lot of issues or you spent more than half of your time in the university missing classes or busy with other social events and now that university is over for you with a 3rd class or Pass, you are wiser in retrospect. A do-over is less than appealing and you can’t help but envy the studious ones who ended up with high paying jobs in blue-chip companies.

There is good news for graduates with a 3rd Class and Pass, OND or HND holders with big dreams or those with decent enough results in their ‘assigned’ courses who are looking to pursue their dream careers. There are courses that aid graduates in achieving their goals, regardless of the class of degree or course previously studied.

Pre masters courses are available for students who want to study a master’s degree but do not have the academic level required for direct entry.

Prestigious Masters Scholarships that Accept Lower Second Class or Third class Annually

If you are among a long list of students who have been wondering why there aren’t any scholarships for students with a degree in lower second class or Third class, keep reading.

Many of these scholarships are often sponsored by organisations or large families in conjunction with the granting universities. Those that offer them usually consider them an investment rather than a gift. It’s no wonder scholarships have very taut strings attached.

Some of the conditions for awarding these scholarships may include some or all of these:

  1. Academic merit
  2. Employment potential (absorbing student into the donor organisation after studies)
  3. Expectation of maintaining a certain grade point average
  4. Suitable career goal
  5. School or Organisation representation in activities
  6. Community/Region affiliation
  7. Leadership potential

Although finding scholarships that don’t take into account the academic merit of a student requires a lot of effort, it is possible to get scholarships with other considerations. Hence, here are 1o Masters degree scholarships offered annually to students with Lower Second Class or Third class. 

1. Australia Awards Scholarships for 1,000 African Students – with at least 3rd Class

Australia Awards, a cornerstone of the Australian Government’s development assistance program for Africa, provide access to postgraduate education, training and professional development opportunities for suitably qualified Africans from eligible countries. On their return to the workplace, Australia Awards Alumni are expected to contribute actively to development in their home countries.

2. Oregon State University International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Scholarship

Oregon State University, USA offers scholarships to international students in exchange for cultural services to OSU. The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) which began at OSU in 1983, has attracted many outstanding students from countries around the globe. Typically, students will be invited to speak at elementary, middle, and high school classes, university classes, civic and youth organizations, retirement homes, or church groups. Candidates are required to have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for $15,000 yearly scholarship.

3. University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

University of Bradford Global Development Scholarship (formerly Countries in Crisis Scholarship) is intended to aid students in financial hardship due to crisis as a result of the political situation, war, natural disaster etc. Students from select countries (countries facing known world crisis) are invited to apply for these scholarships. To successfully apply for this scholarship, candidates are advised not to focus on their academic qualifications unless it is relevant to the scholarship application.

4. University of Portsmouth Masters Scholarship for Ghanaian and Nigerian Students (2.2 and above)

University of Portsmouth offers a number of scholarships to Ghanaian and Nigerian students who have applied for science related Masters courses at the University. The scholarships will be in the form of a 20% fee reduction from any tuition fee but please note, it cannot be taken in conjunction with any other fee reduction or bursary offered by the University. The scholarship is a one-off award towards a one year Masters fees and is non-renewable and only valid for study on the courses listed above.

Bonus: DeVry University International Postgraduate Scholarship. GPA 2.0 and Above

Award amounts are tiered according to student GPA and enrollment status (half time, three-quarter time or full time). The higher the cumulative grade point average (CPGA), the larger the award amount may be, reaching up to $2,500 per semester for full-time enrollment with a 3.25 GPA or higher for the scholarship. Students with a 2.5 – 3.25 GPA may earn up to $2,000 per semester.

5. Kenyan Government – University of Teesside Scholarships for Kenyan Scholars

In association with the Kenya High Commission for the UK, Teesside University offers three partial tuition fee scholarships to Kenyan Nationals, whether domiciled in Kenya or from the diaspora. Candidates should normally have an honours degree (at least 2.2) in an appropriate related discipline – petroleum engineering, geological qualifications, civil engineering qualification, mechanical engineering, geophysics, chemical engineering, petrophysics, physics, mathematics or chemistry.

6. Masters Scholarships for African Students at the University of Bedfordshire

This Scholarship scheme funded by the University of Bedfordshire is made in the form of a tuition fee discount. Students holding a four year Bachelor degree in a relevant discipline from a recognised university or HE institution with a minimum GPA of 50% or equivalent will be considered for this scholarship

7. Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students at the University of Bristol 

The University of Bristol scholarship is open to students from developing countries including Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. All candidates must have achieved the equivalent of a British 2:2 in an undergraduate degree. Candidates must already hold an offer of a place on a full-time postgraduate programme at the University of Bristol.

8. UK- Roehampton University International Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship

Roehampton University UK, offers a wide range of Masters scholarships for international students including partial fee discounts for eligible students. The Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships are automatically awarded to applicants according to their previous academic performance. Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships involve a fee discount of 20% to postgraduate students with high academic achievement in Bachelors degree and 15% to postgraduate students with good academic achievement.

9. University of Staffordshire New Merit Scholarships Available to International Students

As part of ongoing commitment to increase the number of high quality international students on campus at Staffordshire, the university has taken the decision to offer a range of generous Scholarships to international students from select countries in the world.

10. Northumbria University Masters Research Scholarship for International Students 

Northumbria University, the largest regional university in the UK, each year offers International Scholarships to incoming Masters students with at least an upper second class Honours degree (UK) or equivalent from an overseas university, or a Lower Second Class and a Masters degree in a relevant discipline.

Masters Degrees (Third Class Honours)

MBA Master of Business Administration

Ulster University London Campus  Ulster University London & Birmingham Campuses (QA)

As a result of Covid-19 and subject to social distancing requirements, we are intending to teach this course using a mix of on-campus and online teaching. 

Environmental Assessment and Management – MSc

University of Salford  School of Science, Engineering and the Environment

This course offers a broad curriculum studying the relationships between human and natural components of the environment alongside developing the capacity to implement measures for analysing and managing environmental impacts of organisations. 

Health and Global Environment – MSc

University of Salford  School of Science, Engineering and the Environment

This course provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary postgraduate study of health and global environmental issues. Management of interrelationships between the health of the environment and the public is a significant challenge for the 21st century.

International Marketing – MSc

Newcastle University  Newcastle University Business School

Our International Marketing MSc addresses the rapidly developing areas of global communication and brand management, customer relationship management and digital marketing.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation – MSc

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Business School

Entrepreneurial skills are essential for career success – whether in small and medium-sized enterprises, your own business or on project-based venture teams in large companies.

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Economics and Finance – MSc

University of Reading  The Henley Business School

With the MSc Economics and Finance prepare for a career as an economist in fields such as the investment banking industry, international or government organisations, and research roles.

Energy Policy MSc (Online)

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Online

Without a workforce trained to develop policy and systems for the use of renewable energies the future of our planet is uncertain. 

Sustainable Development MSc (online)

University of Sussex  University of Sussex Online

To meet the United Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 we need extensive transformations in the way markets, civil society and states work in much of the world.

Irish Language and European Law MA

University College Cork  College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

This course is open to Law graduates, or graduates who hold other legal qualifications, or whose degree contains a substantial component of law, with a very high standard of Irish at second level education (A in Leaving Cert Honours Examination or B2 TEG) and Law Graduates who have taken Irish language modules at third level.

Voluntary and Community Sector Management MSocSc

University College Cork  College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

The Masters in Voluntary and Community Sector Management provides education, training and skills in managing/coordinating voluntary and community organisations.

Bilkent University | Study in Turkey | Student World Online

how to upgrade a 3rd class degree


  1. Be Positive

You can’t attain greater heights if you just sit down and mope after your graduation. Sulking and depression lead you nowhere. Instead, it makes you idle and unsuccessful. Let go of your past, put it behind you, and forge ahead. The time has come for you to pick yourself up, with the mindset that your grades do not define you. You must first believe in yourself before anyone else will. Your attitude makes a difference.

  1. Sell Yourself
    If you want people to believe you’re not just about your grades, but there’s a lot more you can offer, you have to convince them. The trend of employment and assessment based on categories is slowly fading away. Skill, abilities, and confidence are the new yardstick. Most employees prefer individuals with the best people skill. Build your confidence, garner the right talent, and radiate wit and intellect. You can also venture into freelancing, where you can find other people in various areas of expertise and showcase your skills and capabilities. If you’re skilled in Content Writing, Digital Marketing, and other useful skills in this digital age, make the most of it on available platforms and sell yourself to the world.
  2. Take On Extra Courses Online and Offline

Engage in online courses and certifications that improve your wealth of knowledge and boost your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume. Most of these professional courses are affordable and can even be done from the comfort of your home. Simply choose a few classes to take on from reputable institutions and be committed to it. Getting a certification in areas relating to your field gives you an edge over others, irrespective of the fact that you graduated with a third-class degree.

  1. Get a Postgraduate Or Master’s Degree
    You should consider furthering your education by doing a postgraduate course, or if possible, a Master’s degree. This boosts your chances of being gainfully employed. This poses as another opportunity for you to make the most of yourself. This might cost you a bit, but what is worth doing is worth doing well.
  2. Become an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is slowly making waves in all facets of the world. A third class degree is not a license to be lazy and dull. One can venture into entrepreneurship, startup his or her own business, organize and build an empire out of it. It could be just about anything. Carry out a survey and assessment of your environment, find out what is missing, and think of means to solve the problems, and become a solution. Nobody wants to hire you, probably because of your degree, that shouldn’t be a reason why you won’t hire yourself and strive to be outstanding. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, even if every other person doesn’t. A lot of people have been motivated, even after graduating with a third-class degree, to establish enterprises and cooperation. You aren’t any different. As the saying goes, little drops make an ocean. Graduating with a third-class degree is not a leeway to be idle and lazy. Start from somewhere, no matter how small and work very hard. You’ll be proud of yourself and your achievements, raising your shoulders high even among your peers.


  1. Prepare a Smashing CV

Do you know your CV/Resume could be one of the reasons why you haven’t been called for an interview, aside from graduating with a third-class degree? Didn’t you know that, right? Well, you’re finding out now. Preparing a killer CV is the first step to getting any job.

Interestingly, if you graduated with a third-class degree or even a pass, your CV will be outstanding, more than the regular CV. I must say that the value attached to degree grades is slowly fading. There is a paradigm shift from classes to skills. Every organization is interested in what you can offer before you can be recruited or employed. Ensure to include all your skills and abilities, stating what makes you outstanding and why you should be a preferred choice to other qualified counterparts.

  1. Give it a Try
    I’m applying for a position in a company, but the requirement states that you must have a minimum of 2-2 degree before you’re qualified to apply for the job. And so? You shouldn’t get discouraged because of this. What does it matter if you don’t meet the job requirements? Take the bold step of applying. If you’re confident that you fit into the specifications and you’re the best person for the job, use anyway. But, ensure you don’t state that you have a third class degree in your CV. Just attach a detailed and articulated cover letter to win them over and convince them to call you for an interview.


  1. Acquire Experience

Most companies are very interested when you present two things: Your academic performance and wealth of experience. They consider your academic performance to ascertain that you are smart, while experience tells them you’re not a novice, but you know what you’re doing. If you gain enough experience, as much as you can, especially relating to your field, employers will not help but see the level of professionalism and seriousness in you. By this, they’ll look past your degree and recruit you for the job.

  1. Study Abroad
    In the bid to become better and advance yourself, you can go abroad to further your studies and gain more professional knowledge and experience. Getting a third class degree does not limit you to acquiring more knowledge and achieving your dreams of a better future. It is not impossible to do a Master’s with a third-class degree. Some universities abroad don’t pay so much attention to what one graduated with before you can apply. However, you are required to take a pre-masters course and test: when you pass, you can go ahead to get a Masters. Getting a Masters Degree from a reputable University abroad helps boost your CV.
  2. Display Your Portfolio

You don’t need to graduate with a first-class before you can showcase what you have to offer. Seize any avenue available to display your astuteness and craftsmanship without viewing your grades. For instance, as a Digital Marketer, Web designer, or content writer, you’ll be required to show evidence of past projects and jobs you have undertaken successfully. You can apply to magazines, marketing companies, advertising agencies, and credible media companies around you. When called upon, you can always reference past jobs you have completed to convince them you’re qualified for the job.

Being able to comfortably defend yourself and your abilities whenever you’re called upon is a requirement, you don’t even need a degree for this. Always learn how to create an awesome portfolio.


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