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The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence has developed this course as a first step towards familiarisation, and to develop a unified understanding of Strategic Communications. We offer this course for the NATO School and defence academies as a part of preparatory teaching, focusing on the training audience which does not have a communication specialists’ background. The online course is available on NATO Joint Advanced Distance Learning portal. To take it, look for a course ADL 205 – Introduction to Strategic Communications.

Program Overview: 

Communication has the power to inspire and change minds. Today’s spectrum of tools, from Facebook posts to vlog entries to traditional media interviews, can help you serve more people, move more products and fulfill your broader goals and mission—if those tools are carefully considered, well integrated and strategically deployed.

Strategic communication courses, taught by local leaders in the field, will empower you to create new possibilities for your organization and career. The ideas covered in these five courses will help you place communications at the center of your company’s internal and external efforts at improvement.Who Should Enroll: 

  • Communications and marketing professionals in all industries
  • Professionals who present research findings
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Risk management professionals

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Discover how leading practitioners build narratives around core messages, while engaging audiences and tracking responses across multiple platforms.
  • Consider how different perspectives help you to think like your audience.
  • Explore B2B, B2C, nonprofit and public affairs communication strategies via on-point case studies and in-class discussions with subject-matter experts.
  • Learn how to identify and execute the right solutions to common communication challenges with team exercises, including a crisis response simulation and mock media interviews.

Learn more about the topics covered in each course:

The Power of Strategic CommunicationsAudience-Driven Narratives that WorkNext-Level Social: Engaging Your Digital AudienceUsing the Media to Tell Your StorySurviving Crises – and Turning Them into OpportunitiesProgram ID: SCM-9003

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