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Are you a scientific expert and you don’t know the university to further your career and you are interested in pursuing a degree in it. Are you interested in developing your personal capability and you don’t know where exactly it can be done in Germany? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to earn a masters degree in being an expert and be a source of inspiration to others?

Do you want to know more about University of Koblenz-Landau application or when they want to start their application for freshmen? Do you want to know more about the University of Koblenz-Landau web science courses? Be prepared! You are about to know more Koblenz university computer science and how to enroll in the school of your dreams. Get ready as we tell you on the practical and theoretical skills your school has to help you fulfill your career.

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University of Koblenz Landau Web Science


The international Master’s program in Web Science is the first of its kind in Germany. It aims at students who want to increase their scientific expertise, qualify for leading positions and develop their personal capabilities after a successful Bachelor’s degree.

Therefore, besides expanding the students’ knowledge, the program facilitates independence as well as the ability to judge and to make decisions.

It puts a strong emphasis on computer science in order to impart foundational knowledge about the structure of the Web and techniques for analyzing the Web and changes on the Web. For the analysis of the Web, interdisciplinary research is necessary in order to understand users, their behavior and interaction with other users on the Web. The program is mainly conducted in English, but some elective courses can be taken in German.

The Master’s degree in Web Science enables students to pursue Ph.D. Graduates who want to enter professional life have excellent job opportunities.

Graduates from the institute WeST have found interesting positions at successful companies, started their own businesses or continued towards a Ph.D. Institute WeST has a limited number of places available each year for pursuing a Ph.D. If you excel in earning a master’s degree in Web Science you will be in pole position for continuing with doctoral studies.

Koblenz is one of the oldest and most attractive cities in Germany with its surroundings honored as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The University of Koblenz-Landau has close contacts with leading companies, offering possibilities for internships, collaboration, and project experiences.



Course Contents

  • Introduction to Web Science as well as Network Theory and Dynamic Systems
  • Web Retrieval, Semantic Web and Web Engineering
  • Online Consumer Behavior, New Product Development and E-Participation
  • Elective courses in Computer Science in relation to the Web
  • Elective interdisciplinary courses in Computer Science in relation to the Web.    \


Campus Koblenz

Admission requirements

–  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Informatics or Computational Visualistics or equivalent program with at least        60 ECTS points in Computer Science, each with the final grade “good” or better
–  English language certificate (TOEFL test with at least 79 points, Cambridge Certificate level B2 or IELTS 6.5)
–  There are no Local admission restrictions


The starting point is the winter term and summer term.

Deadline for applications

30th September (winter term) or 31st March (summer term), we strongly recommend applicants with non-German degrees to apply as early as possible, ideally until the end of May (for the winter term) or until 15th November (for the summer term). Admission process and visa application could easily add up to 5 months for international applicants.

Duration of studies

The accumulated year is 4 semesters and is awarded a degree.

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